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18 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Business Elite Awards , Teleopti that the value of our market share has increased by 129%. Over recent years, as the challenges for contact centers and companies have broadened, WFM is even more important to customer success and profitable customer engagement.” Teleopti appears as the fastest growing Workforce Management (WFM) vendor in North America in the 2018 World Workforce Management Systems Market report, published by Pelorus Associates. The report stated that Teleopti has seen the value of its total market share more than double between 2015 and 2017, with a 40% growth rate in its share of the North American WFM market, as well as particular growth and success in EMEA. Dick Bucci, Principal of Pelorus Associates said, “Our research of the Workforce Management System Market revealed a number of critical success factors for vendors in this growing industry. Those companies that have shown significant growth in recent years are those that address these key factors. One being that superior service is as important, if not more so, than offering more technologically advanced products. Teleopti’s focus on customer support and service delivered through its international offices plus an Teleopti Listed as Fastest Growing Workforce Management Vendor in North America in Pelorus Associates’ Market Report Cloud-based offering and international customer support underpin Teleopti’s growth in workforce management market across North America and EMEA. extensive partner network gives customers, across the world, confidence they can fully utilize the solution from the outset. “Applications also need to be easy to use and quickly deployed via a cloud model. Teleopti’s success can be attributed in part to its design of an exceptional interface. Software that is intuitive and fun to work with provides users greater flexibility in staffing assignments and reduces training costs.” Teleopti now has over 1000 customers in 90 countries across the world. Demand for cloud- based solutions over recent years has played a large role in this growth with 80% of Teleopti’s new customers choosing SaaS for its flexibility, security and reduced infrastructure costs. Pelorus Associates’ report highlights that a cloud-based model is a significant success factor in terms of WFM enabling scalability and economical viability as operations grow. The cloud also enables faster innovation and Teleopti has released a new feature every day since 2017. David Pahlman, President of Teleopti Americas said, “According to Pelorus Associates’ latest report of Workforce Management Systems, the WFM industry has grown by an average of 6.8% each year since 2015 and we are proud to say our growth has hugely exceeded the average and