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12 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Business Elite Awards , Strategy Leaders Inc. Nov18931 Best SME Business Consultancy 2018 – Connecticut & Award for Excellence in Strategic Business Benchmarking 2018 Strategy Leaders Inc is a dynamic and innovative business consultancy that helps owners, employees and families work through issues, align diverse viewpoints, and focus on common outcomes. To celebrate the firm’s win in our 2018 Business Elite Awards we profile it to share an insight into its phenomenal success. entrepreneurs how to put better business management strategies into practice as they teach business owners how to maximize business growth. They are dedicated to finding the best solution for every individual client, and also offer motivational speeches at a range of events to share their wisdom and experience with a wide range of companies and individuals. Overall, Strategy Leaders’ mission is to teach owners how to grow profits, build successful long-haul companies and exit the business or continue on their terms. Looking ahead, the team will continue to help owners, employees and families work through issues, align diverse viewpoints, and focus on common outcomes to achieve this mission and ensure ongoing success for the company. Since its inception in 1995 Strategy Leaders has been working hard to ensure it acts as a business consulting firm unlike any other. As part of this focus, the company developed a proprietary process that includes planning, education, coaching, follow up, and reporting. This well-documented process produces consistent, high quality outcomes, well beyond the norm for the consulting industry. Coordinating with experts in accounting and finance, sales, operations, marketing and human resources, assures that Strategy Leaders is at the forefront of best practices. Proprietary programs make Strategy Leaders’ successful approach truly unique. Today, the firm is known for installing forecasting and tracking tools, which give owners increased control, and show them how to turn plans into reality. Over the past 23 years the team have carefully guided many clients through the challenges of ownership changes and multi- generational transfers. Seeking to support clients in a changing market, Strategy Leaders has dedicated over half of its practice to supporting the growth and development of family-owned businesses and companies with multiple owners. Drawing on their vast experience in the market, the firm’s committed business consultants show small businesses and Company: Strategy Leaders Inc. Contact: Robyn Goldenberg Website: strategyleaders.com

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