2017 Software & Technology Awards

8 US BUSINESS NEWS / Software & Technology Awards 2017 , Automated Software Testing Company of the Year 2017 LogiGear Corporation provides leading-edge software testing technologies and expertise, along with software development services that enable customers to accelerate business growthwhile having confidence in the software they deliver. We caught up with CEOHung Nguyen to find out more about the firmand the innovations it offers. Established in Silicon Valley in 1994 by top thought leaders in the software testing industry, since its inception, LogiGear has completed software testing and development projects for prominent companies across a broad range of industries and technologies. Mr. Nguyen explores how the firm drives excellence in this vital sector. “As a leader in our industry for best practices and methods for software testing, at LogiGear, our core approach, known as Action Based Testing, gives us the basis to help our customers succeed in their test automation. LogiGear also has an active training operation where we share knowledge and insights with our customers. “Our service offering includes providing manual testing, automated testing, training, and consulting services. We also offer our own proprietary test automation tool called TestArchitect. In addition, we offer software development service through our independent business unit, MoWeDe.com with specialization of the latest technology platforms including blockchain and augmented reality.” Operating within the fast paced software testing space, the firm has to work hard to remain at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments, something which LogiGear is passionate about, as Mr. Nguyen highlights. “Drawing on over 23 years’ experience in the industry, at LogiGear we understand the pace of changes in technology, business model, and customer buying journey. In turn, we invest in our research and development as well as Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) to continuously innovate and evolve our practices, products, and services. By hiring well-qualified staff as well as training and coaching them, we stay up-to- date with the latest technologies, trends, and developments. Our innovations result in frequent publications as well as speaking events at international conferences and workshops. We take these opportunities to show thought leadership and influence our industry.” Technology is a crucial part of the firm’s work, but, as Mr. Nguyen is eager to emphasize, staff are just as important. “Fundamentally, at LogiGear we believe that the right people are essential assets to our organization. We invest in career path development and training. Most importantly, we give our people freedom and autonomy while challenging them to innovate and create.” Overall, Mr. Nguyen is extremely excited about the future of LogiGear, as he outlines the firm’s future plans in his concluding comments. “Moving forward, with the on-going CI/CD and DevOps movements, robust test automation is the key to success for us here at LogiGear. Our test automation offering is a piece of the success puzzle. We are currently augmenting products and services to enrich the benefits that our customers already appreciate. New offerings include more intelligent test automation, blockchain software development and testing, AR development and production services, and expanding to target the Japanese market. All of these developments offer us many great opportunities for further growth which we look forward to taking advantage of.” ST170006 LogiGear Corporation provides leading-edge software testing technologies that enables customers to accelerate business growth.

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