2017 Software & Technology Awards

4 US BUSINESS NEWS / Software & Technology Awards 2017 , Best Fleet Management Software Specialists 2017 Chevin Fleet Solutions is the leading global provider of dedicated fleet management software. We caught up with Ron Katz to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success. Established in 1990, Chevin offers innovative, multi- award-winning software, FleetWave, which is a web-based system used by fleet operations across the globe, and is proven to help businesses measure and reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce administrative burdens and ensure compliance and risk management requirements are met. Designed to meet the demands of any type of fleet from any sector, FleetWave provides powerful and adaptable capabilities to manage the whole lifecycle of a fleet – from the initial acquisition of vehicles through to deployment; operating expenses; incidents; work orders; maintenance; legal requirements and finally disposal. In 2017, Chevin unveiled the newest version of its web-based fleet management software, FleetWave 2.8, which includes major enhancements to many components of the application including the user interface, its reporting tools, an open API, a fully integrated electronic forms app and much more. Ron explores the firm’s unique solution in more detail and outlines how it works to ensure excellence for clients. “At Chevin we provide comprehensive software and fleet management services to international businesses, including enterprise Fleet Management Software – complete with dedicated project management and implementation services, customized system configuration, onsite and remote training services, 24-hour access to our support helpdesk, scalable application hosting services and data migration; System Integrations that allow businesses to integrate our software with almost any type of third-party software application, data provider, external suppliers or internal systems, to leverage data and streamline labor intensive processes; and FleetWave Forms, a native mobile application that allows users to easily build almost any type of data collection form within FleetWave, and send them to their drivers, technicians and workforce via a mobile application. “Our fleet management software is designed not only for local operations, but those who operate on a national or international scale too. FleetWave allows users to easily manage large amounts of complex fleet information that has been generated by a wide variety of sources, across numerous locations.” This unique solution is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. FleetWave Forms officially launched in September 2017 and is designed to bridge the gap between field workers and the office, providing a simple-to-use, cost effective solution for field workers to collect and transfer data to FleetWave quickly and securely with or without an internet connection. Using almost any handheld device, FleetWave Forms can be tailored to capture, collect and transmit almost any type of data from structured information to signatures and pictures, and will automate and streamline almost any field function, from compliance related tasks such vehicle inspections and mileage capture, to process automation including work order creation and service receipts. Operating in such a fast paced, ever changing market, Chevin has to adapt and collaborate to ensure it continues to meet its clients’ needs, as Ron is keen to highlight. “In order to stay on trend and meet our evolving clients’ needs, we conduct regular account management reviews with each client and actively encourage feedback on their experience using our software, including the current and potential future challenges facing their fleets. We also conduct annual ‘User Group’ meetings, where we invite our existing clients to join us for peer networking, training, best practice seminars and to influence the direction and enhancements of the software in the future. To ensure ongoing innovation and efficiency for our clients, we strive to stay on top of evolving legislation that differs from country to country, taking into consideration the individual needs of multi-national businesses, and the needs of individual regions. “Fundamentally, to Chevin, client feedback is a critical aspect of our ongoing relationship, not only for helping to ensure that our clients are getting the most value from their software investment, but also so that our software can be continuously improved. With the ongoing guidance and input we receive from clients at our annual user group meetings and throughout the year, we are able to continually expand FleetWave’s capabilities and enhance our customer experience.” Looking to the future, Ron enthuses about the firm’s upcoming projects and how these will benefit both clients and Chevin itself. “Moving forward, in the immediate future, Chevin is set to unveil FleetWave Core, a brand- new product that will deliver a standardized solution based upon industry best practices from our existing enterprise- level software. Consolidating the industry standard reports and functionality that companies require while supporting the latest automation for fleet- specific tasks. We will also be extending FleetWave’s API and its capabilities to support more complex interfaces in response to future ‘big data’ challenges. Currently, Chevin offers clients a CRUD API tool, but plans to upgrade this to a REST API over the next 12-months. “Alongside this, 2018 will also see us expanding the advanced reporting capabilities of our enterprise software to provide improved visualization of data, as well as significant upgrades to FleetWave’s User Interface, including menu navigation; dashboards; and enhancements to the KPI wizard. All of these developments will offer us exciting opportunities for further growth and achievement.” ST170004

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