2017 Software & Technology Awards

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / Software & Technology Awards 2017 , Primero Systems empowers businesses with efficient, value-based, and innovative software products and services. We profile the firmand its innovative solution, Webtreepro, to find out more. Content Management Product of the Year 2017: Webtreepro CMS For over two- decades, Primero Systems has been committed to delivering high-quality, commercial-grade software to its customers through its comprehensive development process, PEDL™ (Primero’s Engineering and Development Landscape), its proprietary software foundation PSX™ (Primero’s Solution Accelerator), and its award-winning content management system, Webtreepro™. Primero’s custom software development process begins with Primero’s Solution Accelerator, or PSX™. This remarkably robust platform provides the base functionality for a customer’s unique functional needs. PSX- based applications begin with a proven, powerful, enterprise-level Primero-developed offering, saving their client’s time-to- market, implementation and budget. PSX is a key foundation to Webtreepro’s current and future development. Another powerfully unique capability of Primero Systems is the firm’s management of software development, called PEDL™, which stands for Primero’s Engineering and Development Landscape. PEDL™, is a comprehensive development approach that helps to ensure quality and integrity at every stage in the development process. Webtreepro, the firm’s flagship product, provides a powerful content distribution platform which allows an organization to selectively distribute content to one or any number of sites with a single click. This allows marketing departments to tailor the appropriate messaging for each geographical and/or affinity- related operation. The solution provides marketers virtually unlimited options to choose how content gets distributed. All from a single, incredibly user-friendly dashboard. Whereas most CMS’ are designed to allow multiple people to control the content on a single site, Primero Systems has turned that paradigm on its head, allowing even a single person to control the content on a multitude of sites. This unique solution can be customized to meet the user’s individual needs. Depending on the individual user or users within a business unit, each department has a value-add or feature/benefit proposition unique to them. For example, for marketers, Primero’s platform allows you to develop your website, as well as child sites, independently of the IT department. As such, marketers can pull together a campaign on short notice including new content, landing pages, and forms, and integrate with marketing automation systems with absolutely zero technical knowledge. For IT, implementing Webtreepro means no additional equipment, network management or security concerns since it’s a fully-managed, cloud-based solution provided by Primero Systems. This translates to zero additional budgetary or labour- consuming efforts for often overwhelmed IT departments. When there are customized features or system integrations required, Primero Systems’ custom consultancy and software development teams provide exceptionally cost-effective solutions while focusing on achieving aggressive time-to- market objectives. To create these innovative systems, Primero Systems encourages employees to be innovative and creative, developing an environment where employees understand how their work fits into the bigger picture, and how the contributions they make to their clients’ businesses are appreciated and truly valued. The firm is committed to not outsourcing its work, so that every member on staff understands the value of their role and is committed to providing only the very highest standards of support to their clients. These valued employees average more than 10 years of seniority in the industry and when combined, their experience provides over 600 years of building solutions to solve client’s challenges. Together, their goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations in the delivery of cost-effective, efficient and innovative enterprise software and to enable Primero’s customers to stay competitive and grow their business. Looking ahead, Primero Systems remains committed to engaging with the always-changing technology industry to ensure ongoing excellence for its clients. The team keeps their finger on the pulse of the evolving needs of the marketplace, to ensure that they are at the forefront of emerging technologies, as well as the needs of Primero’s valued customers. Big data integration and visualization, AI, IoT, as well as the latest regulations in data protection and compliance are all areas of investment through Primero’s Innovation Lab. Primero is focused on ensuring their products and services can deliver on the needs of their clients today and tomorrow. ST170005

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