USBN Q1 2018- CUI Global version

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2018 19 , Kimera looks to propel itself to the top of the industry. “Moving forward, for a relatively small company like Kimera International, there is so much room to grow and I believe there is also so much that we can improve. We need to strive through the tough time now, especially while the retail industry is shifting from brick and mortar to online. Therefore, we need to play with more caution and at the same time, we still need to keep aiming to discover more efficient ways to provide the right, and ideal products to minimize the risks. Ultimately, we must make sure the company is fundamentally on the right track of transition.” Contact: Natalie Sun Website: Instagram: @lilianafootwear Address: 18400 San Jose Ave., City of Industry, California, 91748, USA Phone: +1 626 3227572 Kimera International Inc. is awholesale companydoing business as Liliana Shoes that sells fast- fashionedwomen’s footwear.We speak toNatalie Sun, LineBuilder andMerchandizingManager for the company, aswe look tofindoutmore about the success of the company. Standing on a Firm Footing As a wholesaler, Liliana Shoes carries a wide range of merchandize, including sandals, flats, heels, sneakers, and boots. The company holds inventory all year round in order to satisfy B2B needs, and also provides business services in private labels as well. Liliana Shoes’s market is mainly in the USAwith its demographic groups ranging from young juniors to 35 years old, and the team operate with an overall goal of providing the most updated and trendy footwear items which the markets require. Managing staff is an important aspect of any company, with a good internal culture and thriving working environment contributing hugely to the success of Kimera International. Natalie outlines the three principles she adheres to with regard to her management style. “Firstly, I believe that encouragement is key. Every member of staff is here to learn and assist to achieve the company’s goals, as well as their own career goals. Therefore, to encourage and motivate good deeds is important, and that includes acknowledging employee’s achievements and complimenting them when needed. “Secondly, I make sure everyone in my team understands the logic of their tasks and they are welcome to suggest and create their own. Every success of a company is built on teamwork, and therefore it is important to understand why and how we want to execute jobs in certain frames or policies. Understanding the threads and causes will help staff develop their logic and thus build efficiency. “Lastly, respect and caring. Keeping all staff in the loop and showing care regardless of whether it is to do with their personal lives or work environment. I let them know I am here to help them if they need someone to talk to.” Having alluded to what she believes makes her successful, Natalie describes the challenges she has faced and overcome throughout her career. “Human resource has always been a challenge in our company. In order to adapt, the company has to conduct various analysis to ensure our budget is in range. As a fast-moving company, we need to ensure all our products are in line and on time, so project management is essential and it will be another core focus that our team has to constantly monitor. “Furthermore, a culture of a company is very important. The leader must demonstrate and emphasize the firm’s strong work ethics and the core motivation for the whole company.” Guaranteeing that the company’s products and services are full of innovation, Natalie tells us how the firm observes trends and developments, meaning they adapt accordingly to become the best sellers in the market. “Within our industry, it is crucial that we observe and act fast. We aim to have the trendiest items in the market immediately. Thanks to the internet, the cyber world now makes consumers want the current trends as soon as possible. Therefore, again, our project management team will play an important part to make sure the production lead time is as advanced and quick in order to deliver our products to our customers in time. Finally, the designer and I need to constantly be looking at the newest trends and styles, and have weekly meetings with sales’ team, to make sure the styles that we adopted are on trend and meet our target customer’s tastes.” In her concluding comments, Natalie is clearly excited about the times ahead for Kimera International. She enthusiastically predicts what the future holds, foreseeing a company which is able to grow and improve its services, further satisfying clients and customers. Adapting and tailoring its services to suit a more online platform is something Natalie has identified as key going forwards, as 1802US04