USBN Q1 2018- CUI Global version

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2018 15 Giving the Greenlight to Success! g Contact: Craig Abramson Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 270 S Main St #101, Flemington, New Jersey, 8822, USA Phone: 001 908 782 5700 Web Address: field and for the information technology advisory practice at PwC. As a serial entrepreneur, Anand has been a founding member of two successful technology start-up organizations prior to Greenlight Technologies. As CEO of Greenlight Technologies, Anand is responsible for driving the organization’s strategic agenda, technology vision and business operations. He is considered to be an industry thought-leader on the topic of financial performance, governance, risk and compliance management and is a frequent speaker at major conferences on this domain. Anand received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and his undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Management. He explores how he came to create Greenlight Technologies. “During my second year at Wharton, I did a thesis on the “Impact of SOX on long term shareholder value”. This was very contemporary during those days. During my research with various companies and stakeholders in the compliance process, I saw an enormous opportunity to introduce automation in the area of risk and compliance management. The majority of compliance and controls activities were largely manual and based on limited sample testing. I set out with a vision to create a technology platform that will allow companies to detect and prevent compliance violations by monitoring 100% of business transactions across all business applications in real time.” “While working with several leading companies, it became clear to me that they had a significant lack of visibility into their ability to manage compliance. We realized that what these organizations needed was a way to automate the linkage between regulatory compliance requirements, policies and standards with underlying controls, uncovering areas of non-compliance. Then we knew that we could build the solution to automate compliance across the business applications and IT systems. We continue to find new ways to help these enterprises achieve compliance, recently launching our Cyber Governance solution, providing an analytics-based platform for IT executives to monitor their cyber governance program and communicate progress and vision to the board. The solution automates the linkage between cyber policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure. While we have evolved as a company over time to provide increased layers of business value, such as financial performance improvement, it is this platform that provides a foundation for scalable, sustainable solutions for SOX, Finance, as well as regulatory compliance mandates across industries. Today we are a pioneering leader in risk, financial performance and regulatory compliance solutions.” Since the inception of Greenlight Technologies, the start-up experience has become more challenging but also much more rewarding. It is Anand’s vision that is leading the way, and while he relies on his team to help execute it, he is the one driving it. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in seeing his own solutions implemented at leading companies, because it validates what he has accomplished. He is eager to discuss his passion for entrepreneurism and how he works to drive his company to excellence. “Personally, I was driven towards the entrepreneurial mindset due to the ability to define one’s own career and destiny, and having full freedom to create something that helps solve a particular problem. There is nothing more exciting and challenging than coming up with a vision for a company and then actually building it from the ground up. It is very satisfying to find the right people to drive your vision and work hard to grow the organization. I continue to work with top employees in their fields and it leads to even greater steps than I initially imagined. I stay here because I know we provide business-critical solutions that are changing the way enterprises manage compliance, security, risk and threats. We’re on the edge of achieving significant growth, and I’m looking forward to continuing to lead this group of people to accomplish it. “If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, you have to focus on an area that you’re passionate about. This means you have to have a deep commitment to the products or services you plan on providing, because this is something that draws in the best employees and inspires them to help you move your vision forward.” Overall, Greenlight Technologies offers a truly unique solution to its clients, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus, as Anand concludes. “Ultimately, Greenlight’s solutions enable an organization to take a true enterprise approach to governing risks and improving financial performance. With more businesses investing in best-of-breed solutions and making the move to the cloud, Greenlight’s advanced integration platform ensures that they can scale as their business changes and grows. Greenlight’s ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of cash flow, risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform.”