2017 Small Cap Awards

8 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2017 Small Cap Awards , Best Insulation Services Provider – Oregon & Recognized Experts in Spray Foam Insulation Services - Oregon Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver is an innovative home performance specialist company based in Eugene, Oregon. We invited Josh himself to tell us more about the firmand explain the range of services it offers. Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver has been helping make homes and businesses in the Western Oregon area more comfortable and energy efficient since 2006. Josh explains the services the firm offers and how it works to ensure excellence for every client it supports. “As a complete home performance company, at Josh Lowe’s Dr Energy Saver we serve homeowners, offering an array of services making homes more comfortable and energy efficient from the bottom to the top of the home. We fix crawlspace issues with water, mold and creatures in the crawlspaces through to making the floors warmer in the winter with our patented water control, encapsulation system and spray foam. Our crews fix attic issues where there are rooms that are too cold in the winter & hot in the summer with various air sealing and insulation measures. We are also an AAMA Installation Masters Certified window replacement company. “From the very beginning of any project, we show our clients that we have a sincere passion for fixing their uncomfortable home and want to help them find the source of the problems. This is achieved by giving them a free home evaluation and inspection, and based on the problems they are experiencing in their home, we create solutions to fix them. This is something no other contractor does, and in doing so it separates us from the rest and marks us out as a great option for our clients.” Additionally, as a small cap firm the company is able to offer clients a very personal service, as Josh discusses. “Winning this award makes us part of the small cap award family and will show future clients that we work to “WOW” our clients. We pride ourselves on giving an exceptional experience to our customers from beginning to end. With dedication, commitment and proper training, this will allow us to fully and continually utilize this advantage.” Entering a clients’ private space requires tact as well as professionalism and expertise, and as such Josh cultivates a supportive internal culture where everyone feels able to give their best, as he highlights. “To ensure excellence for our clients, the internal culture of our locally operated and family run business is contagious, with a can-do attitude and what we like to call the ‘A team’. We make it a friendly, safe and fun place to work. Not only do we have the best training to ensure our clients receive the very best service from our staff, we just have a genuinely friendly and caring staff to begin with and grow off of.” Looking ahead, Josh believes that Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver can look forward to a bright future, drawing on its vast experience in this flourishing market to ensure its continued success. “Currently we are operating in a booming industry, where consumers are getting smart and investing in their homes for health, safety and energy savings. We are prepared to give homeowners the results they are looking for. Having been in business since 2006 and now part of the largest home energy conservation training center in the country, we are blessed to have a solid foundation and are looking forward to healthy and sustainable growth.” SCA17008 Cleanspace for Crawlspaces

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