2017 Small Cap Awards

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2017 Small Cap Awards 11 Juggling home and work life is a challenge for both Stacey and her husband Anthony, who purchased the store together in 2014 after having managed it for many years. Staff are vital to achieving the perfect balance, as Stacey is eager to emphasise. “Fundamentally, my husband and I have been working very hard while juggling a family to ensure our business succeeds. A huge part of our success comes from having co-workers that we can depend on to give the type of customer service that we expect. All of us here care about our company’s success and about the success of our clients. People generally live in Revelstoke for the lifestyle and in order for that lifestyle to be maintained we all must be successful so we generally want to help one another.” Customer service has developed since Stacey and Anthony took the store over, as the pair sought to create a friendly, engaging place to shop, as she highlights. “When I first started here I would approach new potential clients with a smile, catalogue and product samples. Having been born and raised in Revelstoke I already knew most of the people and companies that I was approaching. Now that we are more established I do a lot less door to door and most of our new clients are coming to us after being referred by our other customers who are happy with our services.” Looking ahead, Stacey and Anthony will be seeking to continue adapting to ensure its ongoing success. “Overall, with a toddler and teenagers at home, the future of our firm is slow sustainable responsible growth through a maintained community presence, customer service and competitive prices.” Best Office & Art Supplies Retailer - British Columbia g Company: Your Office & Art Centre Contact: Stacey Lamont Address: 101- 309 1st Street West, Revelstoke, BC, CANADA Phone: 001 250 837 3070 Website: www.yourofficeandart.com

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