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Our readers depend on staying informed about new developments, and they only want to hear from the greatest sources. Because of this, we work with innovators and game-changers from almost every industry operating in the Americas. The majority of those who subscribe to the newsletter hold senior positions and come from a variety of sectors, with the largest populations working in banking, manufacturing, technology, legal services, business & professional services, real estate, and construction. To be completely informed of all the significant developments in these numerous business spheres, New World Report currently has a circulation of more than 75,000 professionals and decision-makers. Newsletter Circulation In addition to our popular magazine, New World Report offers visitors a helpful website where they can access all the information in our magazine in a condensed format—perfect for busy professionals who are constantly on the go! The most recent business news, insights, trends, and features are available to a wide range of visitors from the Americas on New World Report’s dedicated website, which receives daily content updates. Online Audience Web Users 50,903 Web Page Views 241,456 Industry Total Legal Services 10.76% Real Estate 5.09% Marketing & Sales 4.70% Tours & Sightseeing 3.21% Building Materials 2.99% Insurance Services 2.73% Food Products 2.51% Design & Architecture 2.40% Accomodation 2.13% Restaurants 2.09% Other 61.39% Country Total Canada 28.05% Brazil 25.04% USA 14.92% Mexico 11.29% Argentina 7.10% Other 13.6%