2023 Midwest USA Business Award Packages

Packages About Us Introduction thenewworldreport.com New World Report is proud to present the first edition of the Midwest USA Business Awards in 2023! Although sometimes overlooked on the global stage, the Midwest is a true epicenter of business and contributes significantly to the nation’s economic output. Through the Midwest USA Awards 2023, New World Report strives to celebrate those who help to secure the USA’s status as a world leader in business. The Midwest is home to countless Fortune 500 executives and their major headquarters, often influencing the development of entire sectors. As a vast well of innovation and economic potential, the Midwest region has produced a considerable effect on a wide variety of industries including renewable energy, automotive manufacturing, life sciences and information technology. This melting pot of entrepreneurship is forecasted to continue its streak of success and ingenuity, indicated by predictions from major economic authorities such as Forbes. Of the 20 “Best States to Start a Business In 2023” ranked by Forbes, seven were in the Midwest, with three of these being in the top 5. Increasingly, the Midwest is becoming the place to be for entrepreneurs and executives alike. The value of this region is undeniable, and the Midwest USA Business Awards 2023 aims to recognize the key players helping to achieve this!