2023 California Business Award Packages

Packages Standalone Items Bespoke trophy: 425 USD Slate trophy: 425 USD Wall plaque: 425 USD Personalized digital logo: 300 USD Personalized digital certificate: 300 USD Full page editorial: 480 USD www.thenewworldreport.com Subcribe here: 7 | Legal Elite Awards 2022 Mar22049 Best Legal Executive Search Firm 2022 Hayes & Partners is an executive search firm with a passion for connecting talent. Founded in 2019, the firm was established out of a drive to create a new standard of recruitment. The recruitment industry often has an unflattering perception, so Hayes & Partners is striving to change this. hen establishing Hayes & Partners, its founders, Jack and George Hayes were motivated to create a platform where young and ambitious people are encouraged to express themselves in a business setting whilst enjoying their work. Opposed to other recruitment firms, Hayes & Partners aim to build long-term relationships with clients and candidates whilst focusing on delivering short-term requirements with efficiency and precision. This unique approach to recruitment has certainly contributed to their early success and they’re eager to not stray from this core value as they expand. What further distinguishes Hayes & Partners is their team. Their experts are driven to work together to provide the highest quality customer service to both their clients and candidates. Co-Founder, Jack Hayes says, “Ensuring we’ve selected the right individuals that align with our company culture has been paramount in delivering outstanding, efficient results for our clients that have been crucial in distinguishing our brand.” Their senior management and team of sector specialists have a deep knowledge of market sectors and wider market trends. They’re driven to combat the negative perception of recruitment and to offer outstanding and efficient search services that ensure strong relationships with clients and candidates. Hayes & Partners has a precise approach to sourcing and placing talent. Using proactive sourcing methods, they attract the very best individuals around the world through superior specialisation and rich networks. They aim to assist clients and candidates in finding longstanding positions with efficiency whilst not compromising long-term relationships. This new approach to recruitment led to much early success for Hayes & Partners with 94 successful placements being made in the last 12 months alone. However, as successful as Hayes & Partners is, that’s not to say they haven’t faced their challenges. Jack tells us, “In the beginning, we had no reputation in this competitive recruitment industry. But we persevered and have overcome this challenge by delivering outstanding results for our clients and candidates. Delivering these high quality, efficient results have been crucial in building our brand.” As mentioned, another challenge the firm faces, which they’re determined to overcome, is the often negative perception of the recruitment industry. Currently, recruitment services either have a strong social focus or a performance-based approach. Instead, Hayes & Partners offers a combined approach to recruitment in order to deliver efficient and accurate placements for clients and candidates alike. Additionally, the firm launched back in September 2019, which meant it has had to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19, but Hayes & Partners saw the positives, with Jack saying, “This made us grateful that we had taken the time to carefully select our team because their resilience and determination ensured our business didn’t deteriorate.” Now we’ve explored how Hayes & Partners has overcome its challenges, what is the most rewarding aspect of working in the legal profession for the firm? Jack shares, “One of the most rewarding aspects is successfully placing an individual. Our job is not to move candidates who are thriving where they are, but rather to assist people who are discontent with their current position. For instance, we recently worked with a senior competition partner who was struggling to grow his business case within a large firm in Brussels. We worked with him closely to identify suitable options within more traditional law firms. “Ultimately, he signed with a well-respected U.S. law firm. We were pleased to learn that since joining, his ability to develop client relationships has significantly increased and he is greatly enjoying his new position. It’s extremely rewarding for us when we accurately place candidates and as such increase their general quality of life.” As Hayes & Partners look towards the future, they’re eager to build on their early success to a larger scale whilst maintaining their core values. Jack comments, “We are very proud of the unique culture we’ve built over the last few years and are determined not to sacrifice our highperformance approach as our business grows.” The firms primary aim is to expand into other market sectors. In the beginning, its expertise was focused on the legal sectors in Germany, but it is currently expanding its specialties into the financial markets and is keen to grow into other areas too. As well as moving into other sectors, Hayes & Partners is looking to increase its presence in other geographical locations to provide a broader market overview for clients and candidates alike. It is also planning to expand its market share within both its existing and potential new markets. W