2022 Travel Award Packages

About the Travel Awards introduction Introduction New World Report is excited to announce our first ever NWR Travel Awards for 2022! Focusing on those at the forefront of the travel, tourism, and leisure industry, we seek to shine a light on those who have shown true excellence in commitment, determination, and customer service over the past 12 months across the Americas. According to Forbes, the Americas boast more than 20% of the world’s best travel destinations, with places like New Orleans, New York, Vancouver, Barbados, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Havana and more making the list. For this reason, we here at New World Report believe celebrating the businesses and individuals working tirelessly within this industry is very much overdue. The US alone boasts over 79.6 million international visitors annually and with the easing of travel restrictions, this number is expected to rise in 2022 as tourists plan their next vacation. We at New World Report aim to shine a light on those who accommodate tourists, those who make the traveling process run smoothly, and those who create an enjoyable experience for tourists of North, Central, and South America from across the globe. At New World Report we recognize now is the most crucial time to take part in our NWR Travel Awards 2022.