2022 Canadian Made Award Packages

About the Canadian Made Awards introduction Introduction O Canada! New World Report is proudly hosting the Canadian Made Awards 2022 for its first year. We are looking to celebrate the hard work, determination, and merit of Canada’s own manufacturers. Here at New World Report, we want to target the businesses that have paved the way to grow the industry after the adverse effects of the pandemic. New World Report’s annual awards were launched to highlight the amazing work done by those firms and individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care, and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry. With the manufacturing activity in Canada expanding early this year at the fastest pace in three months we see the industry improving as the easing of domestic restrictions pick-up in production. It is the start of a new wave of manufacturing excellence; So Canada, why not celebrate in the Canadian Made Awards 2022. The Canadian Made Awards 2022 wants votes frommanufacturers, suppliers, and export companies from across all 10 Canadian Provinces. By entering the awards, you get to showcase your achievements and services to 100,00 recipients from across the Americas. We want to see nominations from all possible areas of manufacturing. Canada has seen excellent outcomes from its Food, Automotive and Chemical products, here at New World Report know there is plenty to praise.