2019 Finance Elite Awards

, 6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Finance Elite Awards AmeriVet Securities, Inc. Established in May 1994, AmeriVet began life as one of the very first Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) broker-dealers. The AmeriVet team combines both the skills and experience of accomplished capital markets specialists with U.S. military veterans to enhance career opportunities for our returning heroes while, at the same time, providing differentiated value in various financial services to all its valued institutional clients. Initially, all the disabled veterans in AmeriVet Securities, Inc., were once former US Army paratroopers. US Army paratroopers have a proud tradition and culture of being the best at what they do. This culture of being the best has carried over to AmeriVet. As a result, to this very day, AmeriVet puts top priority on leveraging the talent of its roster of veterans, who have distinguished themselves in both the military and in the financial sectors. This, combined with the talent, skills, and expertise of the firm’s proven experts and specialists in capital markets and investment banking, ensures that the results the firm Best D/I Broker-Dealer, 2019 - West Coast USA-AmeriVet Securities, Inc. AmeriVet Securities, Inc., provides institutional financial services to a broad spectrumof institutional corporate and public clients. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s Financial Elite Award winners, we profile the firm to find out more. generates for its institutional clients are among the best results in the market. Over the years, whilst AmeriVet has been dedicated to providing innovative capital markets, public finance, and institutional agency trading solutions and services, the AmeriVet team has also never lost sight of its core mission: to engage with the local veteran community and connect them to the resources available to them. This is part of the firm’s commitment to deliver results with integrity. Significant Veteran Engagement is a major factor that sets AmeriVet apart from its competitors and it highlights the firm as the best option available for institutional clients who are interested in seriously supporting American veterans. Being one of only a handful of the American institutional broker-dealers that are certified as both disabled veteran owned and operated and minority owned and operated sets AmeriVet apart from its competitors and points it out as a great option for a variety of institutional clients. Having this dual status presents many opportunities because many large stock brokerage firms either have mandates or goals of including firms such as AmeriVet in their deals and in their offerings. Having this dual status also presents many challenges because when AmeriVet is selected for inclusion in deals and/or in offerings, it must be able to perform to standards, preferably exceeding the standards expected. Thus, in the fast-paced industry of finance, where there is little room for underperformance, AmeriVet must be ready, willing, and able to perform and perform well all the time. The firm’s team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service through multiple lines of business in the financial services industry. These multiple lines of business include, but are not limited to, debt capital markets, equity capital markets, public finance, loan sales, cash management, investment banking, and money market funds. No matter what sector they work in or what project they undertake, AmeriVet’s team of experts is committed to excellence and always strives to push team efforts so that these efforts exceed clients’ expectations, however high. Looking ahead, within the investment market, the developments that the AmeriVet team foresees in the future are the same as in most of the other industries: continuous and fast paced advancement in technology and increased globalization. The AmeriVet team intends to handle these developments using the same mentality as exemplified by the United States Marines, members of one of the elite fighting forces of the United States of America; when the time comes and the need arises, the AmeriVet team will improvise, adapt, and overcome. This focus on innovation will definitely help drive AmeriVet to even greater success over the years to come. By carefully developing plans for the growth of the company and increasing its market share in the industry and then following those plans as closely as possible, it is AmeriVet’s objective to keep the firm’s overhead low, while at the same time, increasing the profitability of the company. That, in and of itself, will define success for this dynamic, market savvy, and innovative company in the years ahead. Mar19557 Elton Johnson, Jr.- Founder & CEO, United States Army (Ret.), Amerivet Securities, Inc. “The firm’s team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service through multiple lines of business in the financial services industry.”

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