2019 Finance Elite Awards

, Bay Point Wealth Management: Best Wealth Management Firm 2019 - Maryland Mar19410 10 Contact Details: Company: Bay Point Wealth Management Name: William Hufnell | Address: 582 Bellerive Road, Suite 4D, Annapolis, MD 21409 Web Address: www.baypointwealth.com the firm significantly so that we can provide even more families with true, unbiased financial advice and continue to enhance the client experience over the years ahead. We expect to be managing $1 billion in assets within 10 years while still providing unparalleled client service. One key to this growth is our ability to find and hire great talent, and we are very excited for this development.” Bay Point Wealth Management Always going the extra mile, Bay Point Wealth Management offers its clients a unique service that is designed to meet all their needs, as Bill highlights in his opening comments. “Bay Point Wealth Management is a true fee-only, fiduciary advisor. This means that unlike many of the other financial advisors in the market, we are required by law to always put our clients’ interests first. We do that by providing objective, unbiased advice and never selling products or earning commissions of any Since its inception in 1999 Bay Point WealthManagement has been providing its clients with innovative wealthmanagement solutions that they can rely on. We caught up with founder and CEO, Bill Hufnell to find out more. kind. We go beyond managing clients’ investments to providing the best solutions for their insurance, estate planning, debt management, tax planning, and cash flow needs. Furthermore, we do more than nearly every other financial advisor to keep on top of clients’ evolving needs and implement all of our advice. “Specifically, we will specialize in helping business owners, top executives, and affluent individuals at or nearing their retirement to build them a secure financial future. We have many years of experience and a high level of expertise within the areas of investments, taxes, estate planning, and risk management which enables us to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of our clients.” Moving forward, Bay Point Wealth Management has ambitious plans to further grow and build upon its already impressive success, as Bill is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, here at Bay Point Wealth Management we have several plans to grow “Bay Point Wealth Management is a true fee-only, fiduciary advisor. This means we always put all of our clients’ interests first.”

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