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, Company: 1&1 Internet, Inc. Contact: Hans Nijholt Address: Suite 300, 701 Lee Road, Chesterbrook, PA 19087, USA Phone: 001-877-641-2631 Website: www.1and1.com Open all year round, Glen Lodge is situated on the west shore of the glorious 7000-acre Big Glen Lake. We profile this beautiful, rustic property and how it draws guests to return time after time. NAE17039 N Best Rural Lodge 2017 - Leelanau County Glen Lodge offers three lower level, finely appointed and well decorated lakeside suites, all of which come with fully equipped kitchens and full bathrooms to make any stay comfortable and indulgent. Stepping out of the door of each of the suites, guests can enjoy immediate access to the beach, making this the perfect venue for a those looking to relax and bask in the wonders of nature. The waters of Glen Lake are crystal clear and is the fifth most beautiful lake in the world, according to National Geographic. The hard sand bottom and very gradual descent make it very safe for families with small children. The lake is great for all types of activities including boating, swimming and fishing, meaning guests will never find themselves with nothing to do. There are many facilities close at hand, including a boat launch, as well as a marina, in very close proximity. The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Shoreline and Glen Arbor was designated in 2011 as the most beautiful area in the United States by Good Morning America, as a result of a national survey of the top 10 in America. In addition, the beaches on the Lakeshore, Empire and Glen Arbor as the best in entire Great Lakes area as reported by the Great Lakes Authority in Chicago. Overall, the rustic Glen Lodge offers the perfect combination of rural isolation and modern comfort, ensuring guests will always enjoy the perfect trip when they visit. K Company: Glen Lodge Address: 7953 S Glen Lake Rd, Glen Arbor, MI 49636, USA Phone: +1 231-334-4656 Website: www. thetctraveler.com/mi/ glenlodge or just a very easy to use virtual server, find the perfect product for their needs. The key is to combine all the benefits of a mass compatible product with highly customizable components. If these facts are guaranteed, a customer can rely on the constant improvement of its product and benefit from full flexibility, which is key in today’s rapidly changing web market environment.

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