N. American Ex Awards 2017

, Purple Rain Spa Inc., is a small, intimate, vibrant, luxurious spa located in the heart of the City of Brampton. We profile this decedent establishment and explore the secrets at the heart of its success. NAE17039 N Best Full-Service Spa 2017 & Award for Excellence in Hand care Treatment Services - Southern Ontario Purple Rain Spa opened its doors to the public on November 15, 2014 under the passion of its owner and operator, Lorraine Smith. Since then the firm has worked hard to differentiate itself, and the spa now stands apart from its competitors for its unique blend of standard spa services coupled with a focus on specialized services such as a focus on gender equal services where men and women enjoy services without restrictions, couple’s getaway and diabetic care services. These two areas of specialization create a niche market for Purple Rain Spa Inc. among the many competing spas within the surrounding area. In North America, and specifically narrowing to the immediate location of Brampton, the Spa Industry is highly competitive and saturated and for these reasons there is a high failure rate. Establishing a niche product or service is particularly important in setting you apart from your competitors as well as maintain a high standard of excellence in service delivery to ensure client retention. To achieve this, Purple Rain Spa Inc., offers unique services and has a client-focused approach by paying attention to the small details to ensure client satisfaction and making each client feel special regardless of the service price point. The spa has a diverse client base and in the recent year has seen a trend in an increase in male clients who are attracted to the services such as Brazilian and age defying treatments, services which were once dominated by female clients, an increase in young couples who are interested in spending three or more hours enjoying a spa retreat with their loves, and a return to spa parties among friends. Looking ahead, the spa will continue to offer the very best support and service to its clients as it seeks to grow and build upon its current achievements. Location: 60 Queen Street E., Suite L14, Brampton, Ontario, L6V 1A9 Tel: 905 796 6649 Email: [email protected] OrcaEyes Inc is a technology firm specialising inworkforce planning solutions. We invited Founder DanHilbert to provide us with a fascinating overview of the company and the solutions it offers. Best Workforce Planning & Analytics Technology Company 2017 & Award for Innovation in Enterprise Technology Established in 2007, OrcaEyes builds upon the expertise and experience of its team of industry leading practitioners to lead solution design that meet the needs of its clients. Dan discusses the firm’s service offering and the clients it supplies. “Here at OrcaEyes, our solutions and services are dedicated to strategic workforce management, productivity and optimization and include specific solutions for labor cost optimization, workforce planning, workforce analytics, reorganization, reductions in staff and post M&A consolidation. These solutions are provided to a wide range of clients that span across the range of international major consultancies to Fortune 50 clients to customers with as few as 1,000 employees across nearly all major industries. In addition to the solutions for all industries, OrcaEyes has vertical market applications for healthcare and power companies. “Our overall focus on the scientific impact of specific workforce drivers on critical business outcomes is unique. We know what no other vendor or subject matter expert knows about workforce drives that scientifically impact business profits, costs, productivity, quality, efficiencies, customer satisfaction and elimination of human errors which cause losses. Then we provide the tools to fix problems and optimize business outcomes.” In his concluding comments Dan outlines the firm’s drive for excellence as it seeks to make workforce planning easy, efficient and fast for its clients. “Fundamentally there is no business, capital or investment tools that impact the measurable Bottom-Line of business profitability as our tools. Leadership thinks of their workforce as HR People function. They have no idea that Bottom-Line profitability can be increased by 50% or more in the 1st year by simple automations in workforce processes. This does not sound believable, yet it is and its scientific using financially accepted standards. We have discovered what no one else knows or understands, built simple yet powerful tools to optimize this intelligence, and this is just the beginning.” Company: OrcaEyes Inc Phone: (877) 235-1112. Email: [email protected] Website:www.orcaeyes.com

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