N. American Ex Awards 2017

, SimpsonHealthcare Executives, LLC is a global leader in biopharmaceutical consulting dedicated to driving therapeutic innovations forward. We spoke to Danielle Gallagher to find out more. Best Pharmaceutical Marketing Support Specialists - Connecticut Founded in 1998 by CEO Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Simpson Healthcare Executives supports their clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch and the therapies they discover for all in need. Danielle explains how this is achieved through the firm’s commitment to supporting clients and providing them with the solutions that they need. “At Simpson Healthcare Executives, we are passionate about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for our company, our clients, and our community; we stay in touch with our clients’ needs by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with our clients; we look forward by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity; we are better together and are dedicated to the highest quality work product; and we bring our best selves to work every day. “Overall we are committed to being a pharmaceutical and biotechnology consulting firm, and together, we help our clients advance healthcare to create a great impact on the lives of all patients who are in need of breakthrough treatment.” In order to achieve this client service is at the forefront of the firm’s approach and Simpson Healthcare Executives works hard to ensure clients receive the very best service right from the beginning, as Danielle outlines. “The philosophy behind our client services experience at Simpson Healthcare Executives is that through collaboration with our key contributors and all departments across the board, both on our internal team and with our clients, we will come together to deliver exceptional program excellence. We are a growing company, we have great clients, and we have the opportunity to get to know and collaborate with some incredibly talented people from around the world both internally and externally. Our organization considers both employee and client happiness as a top priority, and it is important to take a step back to explore our internal culture at Simpson Healthcare to shape the understanding of the way that we think about business, what we believe in, and what motivates us to come together to do the work that we do as an organization. We believe that real success must grow from within and must begin with employee engagement, a term that everyone wants to get right in order to have a “great culture. “When we first begin a new project or take on a new client, the Simpson Healthcare Executives team is very proactively engaged with each other and with our clients to really get to know each other, and to focus and align on the strategic vision, project management details, and long- term value that will be added to the medical and healthcare field through the entire brand lifecycle. We are very much in the practice of collaboration and will consider many different ways of thinking about a solution platform, campaign, or concept from a multitude of perspectives. This is essential to our success as our medical, client services, design, editorial, and technology teams come together with our clients to pull through the scientific story of their breakthrough therapies for all key stakeholders in our industry. “Fundamentally, the culture of any organization is the tangible, palpable climate from within and it drives the Simpson NAE17004 We Believe in Our People It’s those moments when you look at everyone around you and see how we are all here for each other, you can’t help but take a step back and think, “Wow. I love working here.”

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