N. American Ex Awards 2017

, “We believe these and other recent successes have positioned us well for continued growth and future profitability. However, much remains to be done. It is important that we continue to build upon these recent successes. In that vein, it is imperative that we expand and enhance our current financial, operational, and technical capabilities, and that we find additional ways to help ensure that our progress is seen and understood by the worldwide financial and investor communities. To that end, we are committed to using funds from the 2016 PIPE Financing, the 2016 Line-of-Credit, and on-going Product Sales to help achieve these very important and timely goals. This may include, among other things, additions to staff, independent agents, distributors, and consultants focused primarily in sales and marketing.” Recent developments include the release of the firm’s newest version ofthe Barocycler. The latest incarnation of this pioneering instrument, the Barocycler 2320EXT, is the most recent addition to, and the next generation of, PBI’s Barocycler family. It is a compact, bench top instrument offering many features and benefits not found in PBI’s earlier Barocycler models, such as data logging options, user-level security, computer-operated control with touch screen programming, and the ability to customize multiple pressure cycling parameters. These and other features have already positioned the Barocycler 2320EXT as an instrument of choice for life science key opinion leaders (KOLs) worldwide, when preparing protein samples for analysis. Among these KOLs is Professor Ruedi Aebersold, a world- renowned protein chemist and Director of the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology in Zurich, Switzerland. Professor Aebersold has been a leading proponent of PBI’s PCT-based sample preparation methods prior to proteomic analyses for some time. When asked to comment on the importance of sample preparation in research studies, and why his laboratory upgraded their sample preparation method to the Barocycler 2320EXT, Professor Aebersold said: “Not only do we need to consider the method of analyzing the proteome, but we must also recognize that the method of sample preparation used for protein extraction & digestion is equally important. In addition, Pressure BioSciences has recently forged a strong partnership with the recently opened ACRF International Centre for the Proteome of Human Cancer (ProCan), located at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) near Sydney, Australia. ProCan expects to analyze a minimum of 10,000 cancer tumor samples per year over the next seven years with cutting-edge protein analysis instruments and other lab tools. In their planned analysis of 70,000-plus tumor samples, ProCan will combine PBI’s Barocycler 2320EXT system for sample preparation with SCIEX’s SWATH data independent-acquisition mass spectrometry workflow on Triple TOF® 6600 Systems. (SCIEX, a global leader in supplying analytical instrumentation to the life sciences market, signed an exclusive co-marketing agreement with PBI in January 2016). It is anticipated that data from their studies will trigger discoveries illuminating causes of cancer, providing invaluable guidance on cancer treatment options, and creating a new era in standard operating procedures applied in cancer testing laboratories worldwide. Dr. Nate Lawrence, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pressure BioSciences, expressed his excitement for the future of this vital programme with CMRI and his firm’s participation in it. “CMRI was recently named an official collaborator of the US National Cancer Institute’s “Cancer Moonshot” initiative, whose goal is to accelerate what would normally take ten years of cancer research into completion in the next five years. We believe that the Cancer Moonshot initiative will strategically support and accelerate the field of precision (personalized) medicine through studies such as those planned at CMRI, which could lead to better identification, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. We are proud to be a part of this very important and inspiring program. “Nearly $1 Billion in new funding is planned for cancer research in the current US fiscal year, a portion of which could support the expansion of additional “industrialized proteomics” labs worldwide, similar to ProCan. With the recognition that ProCan and other cancer research programs are already giving to our recently released, next- generation 2320EXT Barocycler system, combined with our planned salesforce expansion and our SCIEX co-marketing program, we believe we will see robustly increasing sales of our PCT product line in 2017 and beyond.” Overall, with nearly 300 instruments already installed at major research labs, key opinion leader support, a recent co- marketing agreement with global life sciences leader SCIEX, a stronger Balance Sheet, a NASDAQ up-list in the short- term plans, and the release of their next-generation Barocycler 2320EXTREME instrument, significant growth and success is on the horizon for Pressure BioSciences (OTCQB:PBIO). N

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