2017 National Finance & Banking Awards

, them,” said CEO Andy Khawaja. As the technology industry is constantly evolving and updating, Allied Wallet built an adaptable solution that can be paired with most major e-commerce solutions, connecting with a wide range of shopping carts all over the world including redSHOP and Magento. This is ideal for clients who are currently using a shopping cart and would like to switch their payment solutions provider. Looking ahead within the wider ecommerce market, the focus is currently on security, as high profile breaches and the increasing threat of cyber-attacks forces firms around the world push companies to explore new avenues to ensure the security of their data. Dr. Khawaja is keen to emphasise that Allied Wallet has been focused heavily on the safety and security of its clients since inception, and moving forward this will continue as the company seeks to build upon its current success and grow even further. “The ecommerce market is currently booming, and the market as a whole has seen an 11-12% increase in uptake around the world, as countries where security was previously an issue are now embracing online payment methods thanks to Allied Wallet. “In order to support this ever expanding market we are always integrating new local payment methods and shopping carts to our platform, so that merchants can trade easily with firms that do not use major payment solutions such as Mastercard or Visa. In addition, we are also incorporating new security measures such as fingerprint technology, which could potentially change the way people make payments for the better.”

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