2017 National Finance & Banking Awards

, AlliedWallet Ltd is a global leader in payment processing and ecommerce solutions. We interviewed world-renowned billionaire Dr. Andy Khawaja to gain a fascinating insight into the latest developments at this dynamic and pioneering company. Best Global eCommerce Payment Processing Company 2017 Allied Wallet offers a wide range of ecommerce services with a focus on technological excellence and security, providing innovative solutions that are designed to meet the needs of its clients. Drawing on Dr. Khawaja’s vast experience across both the corporate and technology landscapes, the firm is able to offer everything that its clients’ need, supporting both merchants and customers alike. Among its offering is the innovative Global Payment Gateway, which enables clients’ businesses to reach 196 countries globally by accepting payments in nearly every international currency. Through the technology they can accept every major credit card and settle their profit straight into their clients’ bank accounts. In this age of technological and internet advancement, accepting online payments is more important than ever, and as such Dr. Khawaja and his team have been working hard over recent months to adapt the platform to meet his clients’ ever evolving needs as he is always eager to innovate. “Currently here at Allied Wallet we are adding new functions to our next generation online payments platform, including a revolutionary new capability that could potentially make credit and debit cards obsolete as early as Q1 of next year,” said Dr. Khawaja. “This innovative technology will enable shoppers to save their credit card details to our online platform, then simply use a password to verify any purchase they make. This safe and efficient payment method will be easier for both shoppers and online sellers, and it will be immensely popular.” The latest innovation from Allied Wallet, the world leader is online payment solutions, is its new next generation API platform which integrates every payment processing platform on the internet including websites, shopping carts, and other payment pathways, ensuring that merchants are able to connect to hundreds of new solutions in just a few short hours as opposed to the multiple weeks or even months that it would have previously taken. “This new platform is designed to make life easier for everyone,” Dr. Khawaja states proudly as he describes how the software will change his client’s businesses for the better. “Through this innovative new solution, merchants will be able to add new services, take more payments, and generally increase their service offering easily and efficiently. Fintech and B2B businesses will find this new platform a revolution, and despite have only recently been released we have already seen a 300% increase in business thanks to this pioneering new technology.” The immense popularity of this new solution is a testimony to the hard work and dedication that Dr. Khawaja and his team at Allied Wallet have put in to ensure that the software is simple and easy to use, as Dr. Khawaja explains. “Ease of use is of paramount importance, and as such we created this new API platform with simplicity in mind. The integration is done step by step, making it easy for merchants to add the new APIs to their existing website and easily gain the many benefits that working with our new software will bring. For those who do struggle, we offer a dedicated client support service by telephone and email; and in the wake of the new launch, we have added a number of new support staff to our workforce who are able to talk clients through the integration if required.” By making Allied Wallet payment services accessible around the world and integrating many local payment methods, Dr. Khawaja ensures that his merchants can take payments from a wider range of customers, including those who do not use the larger brands of payment providers such as Visa or MasterCard. Through his commitment to global accessibility, Dr. Khawaja has built an ecommerce empire which is relied upon by millions of businesses across the entire corporate landscape. Operating from multiple locations around the globe and an impressive repertoire of banking relationships, Allied Wallet offers users innovative payment services at the lowest industry rates. With state-of- the-art security and PCI Level 1 Compliance, the online payments company has been a trusted solution since 2005. Allied Wallet offers the ability to accept nearly every global currency in 196 countries almost instantly. “The good thing about Allied Wallet is the way it works. In business you always have to move quickly, to anticipate a client’s needs and adapt to N