Legal Elite Awards 2017

, The office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. is committed to representing and serving the needs of the greater Tampa Bay area’s residents and businesses. We profile the firm to find out more. Best Personal Injury Law Firm & Real Estate Litigator of the Year 2017 - Tampa The office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. areas of speciality are real estate matters, personal injury law, and complex civil litigation. Both Frank Miranda and Lauren Frieder focus heavily on real estate law, business litigation, and personal injury litigation. Frank Miranda’s passion for real estate law began when he started working as a Tampa mortgage broker, allowing him to learn procedures that assist in foreclosure defence cases. This background coupled with understanding the pride of living and doing business in Tampa has led Mr. Miranda to successfully handling over $200 million in foreclosure and title insurance cases. Mr. Miranda has lived in Tampa his whole life empowering him to develop strong relationships with the Tampa Bay area legal community and the resources needed to win his clients’ cases. Mr. Miranda has successfully represented mass tort claims, including the BP Oil Spills, Hernia Mesh, and Fresenius dialysis claims. Mr. Miranda has also recovered punitive damages for clients wronged by three of the largest banking institutions for their willful and reckless acts towards the community. Lauren Frieder attributes her success as a trial attorney to three things: her empathy and understanding of what it is like to be in her clients’ shoes; her educational background and prior business experience; and preparation. Ms. Frieder started her legal career focusing primarily on personal injury litigation because of her passion to help others. Her background in personal injury litigation allowed her to utilize the knowledge gained from fighting against the insurance companies into other fields of law that she is also passionate about – business and real estate. Owning her own business coupled with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Broadcasting Degree, Master’s in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Marketing allows Ms. Frieder to understand and communicate her clients’ needs in a manner that ensures successful results to a jury, judge, or opposing counsel. Collectively their goal is to achieve the best results and win for their clients. To achieve this, they stay up-to-date on areas of laws, rules, and new cases that could affect the areas of law in which they practice. They take an open and honest approach with clients to look at their legal issues from all sides to develop a sound legal argument to support their clients’ position. Further, by having first-hand knowledge of the chaos that a client is experiencing allows Mr. Miranda and Ms. Frieder to develop a vested interest and understanding of their clients’ needs. Working in a competitive industry is what drives Mr. Miranda and Ms. Frieder’s success as attorneys. They stay ahead of STB17007 the competition by dedicating themselves to building and maintaining their reputation and trust within the Tampa Bay area. They accomplish this by attending various continuing education classes, political events, and maintaining close ties and relationships within the legal community. Ultimately, what sets the law office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. apart is that it is not part of a national network or franchise, but instead is a Tampa law firm with a distinct foundation and reputation known for serving the needs of Tampa. There are many law firms today that treat clients as just another file number or case. Unlike other competitors, Mr. Miranda and Ms. Frieder’s clients have access to their attorneys 24 hours, 7 days a week because the firm understands that when you need an attorney the most, it is typically not between 9-5pm Monday through Friday. The firm’s clients know no matter what, Frank Miranda and Lauren Frieder are there for them, working hard around the clock to ensure successful results. Every client and legal matter is unique. The firm develops a customized strategy for each client to ensure that their case is handled efficiently and successfully. They achieve this through Mr. Miranda’s strong ties and background in the Tampa community and with effective attorney-client communication. Establishing trust and open communication with clients is Company: Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. Contact: Frank Miranda and Lauren Frieder Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected] Address: 3226 West Cypress Street, Tampa, Florida, 33607, USA Phone: (813) 254-2637 Web Address: key. The legal process can be very stressful for people, and clients know that no matter what Mr. Miranda and Ms. Frieder are with them every step of the way.