Legal Elite Awards 2017

4 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / Legal Elite Awards 2017 , The LawOffice of Heather Cullen is a family law specialist based in California. We profile Founder Heather and explore how she has worked to achieve success for every client. Divorce Lawyer of the Year 2017 - Riverside County Since 1998 Heather has practiced in the Riverside and San Bernardino family law courts, supporting a wide range of clients across a number of practice areas. She has established a law firm that puts clients first and applies cutting edge technology to provide effective and reliable legal representation. The Law Office of Heather Cullen utilizes the services of a skilled legal team consisting of attorneys, paralegals, and researchers who provide legal protection for each client. She understands that family law matters have deeply personal and life-long implications for every individual associated with them. The Cullen legal team works together to advocate for each client during what is commonly a time of turmoil and high emotional stress. Heather has provided legal advocacy for clients involved in highly publicized matters which have included highly contested custody battles as well as division of large estates. Some of Heather’s prominent clientele includes professional athletes, popular recording artists, and film executives. However, while Heather and her team represent many affluent and well-known clients, a large portion of her clientele is everyday people who are working through their divorce or custody battle and have reached out to Heather to assist them through the process. While visiting her office, this author was impressed by the warm and welcoming feeling of the office and the staff. The individuals who came through the office expressed gratitude and comfort in the handling of their respective matters. Heather obviously recognizes that Family law matters have deeply personal and life-long implications for every individual associated with them. She believes strongly that the role of her office is that of a guide, helping her clients through the legal steps in a difficult and usually painful process. Under her guidance and direction, each member of the Law Office of Heather Cullen firm works to create a legal team that provides confident and strong representation for each of their clients. To support clients through this tough time, Heather has built a firm that is conscious of her client’s desire to minimize the costs of legal services when possible. Her firm provides fast and effective legal services while reducing costs through the utilization of modern technology. The Law Office of Heather Cullen employs legal research providers who offer comprehensive and current legal authority, electronic data communication services and advanced legal management programs. The firm takes advantage of scientific advancement to provide expeditious and complete legal services. It is common for many individuals experiencing divorce and custody issues to find themselves so involved in the emotional and psychological aspects of the breakup of their family that they are unable to focus on the legal process. Heather and her legal team provide their clients with a working knowledge of the legal issues involved in each case. Heather’s goal is to provide each of her clients with a basic understanding of the legal process so that her clients are better equipped to incorporate that legal understanding into the decision making process that might otherwise be crippled by negative emotions which can cause or create bad decisions. In addition to providing high- quality personalized legal representation in family law matters, The Law Office of Heather Cullen utilizes a sophisticated computerized case management system to ensure continuous client communication and effective tracking of documents. Impressively, the firm’s clients, and prospective clients, have 24- hour uninterrupted access to the firm’s website which contains a wealth of immediate information as well as free iOS and Droid applications that are offered for download through iTunes and Google Market. Attorney Heather Cullen has created a legal practice that incorporates current technology which provides her clients with instant legal support regardless of physical location. Whether living locally, relocated to a different state or deployed in a foreign country, Attorney Heather Cullen, provides seamless individual communication and legal guidance to each of her clients. Ultimately, Heather understands the importance of family. She is a wife and mother of two school age children and faces the daily challenges of raising a family. Her life knowledge provides her with compassion and empathy for individuals who are struggling with the breakdown of their own family, and she knows the significance of providing a supportive environment to help each client through the difficult family law process. As such, Heather has worked hard to obtain custody awards for parents whose sole goal is to protect their children, protected battered spouses from further domestic violence, and placed children with guardians and adoptive parents who provide love and care for children other than their own. After a full review of Heather Cullen and her firm, it is clear that The Law Office of Heather Cullen provides individuals of all walks of life strong advocacy while providing a welcoming environment to face the scary and often long process of a divorce or custody battle. STB17002 Contact: Heather M. Cullen Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 4094 Chestnut Street, Riverside, California, 92501, USA Phone: 001 951 715 4632 Web Address: