Legal Elite Awards 2017

32 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / Legal Elite Awards 2017 , the legal team prepares for trial in order to maximise the result, whether it be by way of settlement or verdict. The legal team is made up of Thomas J. Johnston, Nicholas M. Hutchinson, Brian F. Needleman and Patrick L. Johnston. Thomas and Nicholas are partners at the firm. Thomas is a partner at the firm and concentrates his practice on the trial of personal injury, including catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death matters. He represents clients throughout the United States. Thomas has recovered numerous significant verdicts and settlements for his clients, including four verdicts and three settlements against transportation companies in excess of $55 million dollars. In 2016, he obtained a $22.4 million jury verdict against the City of Los Angeles in a wrongful death matter - setting a courthouse and county record. In 2015, Thomas obtained a $9.5 million recovery for a pedestrian injured by a Los Angeles County bus operator. In 2014, he was co-lead counsel in a significant case that went to the California Courts of Appeal resulting in a landmark decision regarding the duties of landowners who have dangerous conditions on their property. Alongside his work with the firm, Thomas is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, an invitation-only organisation comprised of experienced trial lawyers and trial judges and has spoken Johnston &Hutchinson are a lawfirmbased in Los Angeles which prosecutes major lawsuits. We profiled the firmand award winning Partner Thomas Johnston to find out more. Wrongful Death Litigator of the Year 2017 - Greater Los Angeles Johnston & Hutchinson LLP handles the most important cases you have never heard of. It is a professional and well educated company, which is discrete and its legal team have been highly trained for over a decade at the largest plaintiffs’ firm in the United States. The lawyers of Johnston & Hutchinson LLP have earned their reputation, highlighting their hard work which has produced outstanding results, since 2009. The firm is highly respected, and are trusted to obtain the best results, whether it be judges, former clients, physicians, expert witnesses, law professors, and even the most respected lawyers in California, who have all referred clients to the firm, the job gets done. The values of the firm respect the client and there is a structure in place which helps the legal team get their best work done. ‘One Fight, One Team. Every Client. Every Trial. Every Time.’ Although being a discrete practice, it does prosecute major lawsuits. From the initial client meeting, to extensive case planning, thorough investigation, discovery, and selection of expert witnesses, everything we do is done to prepare for trial. This is to ensure that the client receives the best service they can, and the firm hopes to surpass some of the clients’ expectations in the process. Aware of the fact that there are no shortcuts and easy settlements in the industry, on litigation-related topics for professional organizations and educational institutions. He has earned an excellent reputation from his opponents, peers, and judges for trial skills. Recent highlights include obtaining two verdicts and three settlements totalling more than twenty-five million dollars. Thomas was recently recognised by the Los Angeles Daily Journal as one of the Top 20 lawyers in California under age 40, and was a finalist for the prestigious 2011 Street Fighter of the Year Award from the Consumer Attorneys of California. Alongside these achievements, the National Trial lawyers named Thomas in its list of the top 100 civil trial lawyers. Committed to getting the very best for his client, Thomas focuses on getting results, and with the intelligence and drive to succeed in all of his endeavours, this is emphasised through his work. Thomas also served as an intelligence officer for US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 3 (BN) in Baghdad, Iraq during the Surge Campaign of 2007 and 2008. Meeting with the client initially is integral to the case and the way the firm supports them and ensures a favourable outcome. After the meeting, extensive case planning is completed to make sure all bases are covered, and then a thorough investigation into the lawsuit takes place. The client is well informed and kept you to date with proceedings throughout the planning process, and the eventual trial, ensuring they receive the best service. The selection of expert witnesses, is again a thorough process enabling the Firm to get the best results. The legal team are all experienced in this procedure. Due to its discrete nature, the practice is able to attract the highest profile clients, and prosecute major lawsuits. Its continuous success within the industry and attracting the most talented of attorneys. Ultimately, with a well-equipped team, who are dedicated and always available to help the client at any given time, Johnston & Hutchinson LLP offers immaculate standards of support to each of its clients. In order to guarantee that the firm is constantly providing its clients with the service they need, the team are continually adapting and developing their skillset, which will remain the ongoing focus going forward. Company: Johnston & Hutchinson LLP Contact: Thomas Johnston Contact Address: [email protected] Address: 350 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 2220, Los Angeles, California, 90071, USA Phone: 001 213 542 1978 Website: www.