Legal Elite Awards 2017

witness, always keeping in mind the client’s net result from my efforts. And this is where the long hours yield tangible results.” Forming a successful legal career as a trial lawyer has been hard work for Dale, but the results show that it has been worth the long hours. Dale continues to focus on learning new cases and aspects of the law, Dale hopes to eventually move into a position where he can pass on his knowledge to a younger generation of lawyers. “In the future, I wish to focus on continually learning new aspects of bringing a file to a successful conclusion. I enjoy practicing law, however eventually I wish to embark on a path of mentoring and teaching. I see it as vital to maintaining the integrity and collegiality of the legal profession, which has already contributed so much to my own career.” Company: Dale R Pedersen. Contact: Dale R. Pedersen Contact Address: [email protected] Address: 7105 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2R 4G3 Phone: 001 604 824 4644 Website: