Legal Elite Awards 2017

16 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / Legal Elite Awards 2017 , MSP Recovery Law Firm’s Attorneys John H Ruiz and Frank C. Quesada of MSP Recovery Law Firm are pursuing claims against auto insurers that have failed to comply with their contractual obligations and the federal law in an effort to preserve the financial security of Medicare for future generations. On February 2, 2017, in a 100- page decision, Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit certified a class action against Ocean Harbor under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP Recovery, LLC v. Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance, No. 2015-1946). MSP Recovery Law Firm secured the first ever certified class-action suit pursuant to the Medicare Secondary Payer Laws to enforce an automobile insurers failure to pay medical bills it was required to pay, and now stands to recover billions for Medicare. This is one of more than three thousand (3,000) cases that will be brought by MSP Recovery Law Firm in state and federal courts challenging the failure of liability insurers to reimburse Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) for medical bills the MAO’s have demonstrated the primary payer’s responsibility to pay. But unlike traditional law firms, MSP Recovery Law Firm is at the forefront of cutting edge technology with its ground breaking proprietary software that is specifically designed to identify The Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones draws on the vast market expertise of Daryl to ensure excellence for its clients across the real estate and civil litigation space. Daryl has 10 years’ experience as a member of a $1.7 billion bank board of directors. During this time, he served as chair of the Board’s Audit Committee, which makes the Firm familiar with many of the rules, regulations and statutes that lenders must follow. Finally, he served as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force and retired as a colonel in the Air Force Reserve in 2007. These experiences combine to assist the firm in identifying unique issues which have helped the firm to obtain favorable results for its clients, as Daryl discusses. “Unlike most firms in the foreclosure defense practice, at the Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones we do not seek to extend foreclosure cases until the lender is able to effect a foreclosure sale. Instead, we seek to provide a high quality defense, and to negotiate a settlement which results in our clients remaining in their homes with an affordable mortgage payment. In 10 years, we have experienced only 13 evictions of our clients over more than 3,000 cases. “Overall, our primary aim is to help our clients to achieve their individual goals. Most clients want to remain in their homes with an affordable mortgage payment. Others intend to sell their home and relocate. We attempt to set realistic expectations for our clients based upon the status of the litigation, the ability and willingness of our clients to make an affordable mortgage payment, and the applicable rules, regulations, statutes, and relevant case law that may or may not provide some leverage to help our clients achieve their desired goals.” To ensure that his firm constantly provides its clients with the service they need, Daryl and his team are continually adapting and developing their skillset, which will remain the ongoing focus going forward, as Daryl concludes. “Looking ahead, we have developed an expertise in helping clients obtain an affordable mortgage payment. In addition, we also help clients become homeowners when they are otherwise ineligible for ownership. Finally, we are beginning to provide clients with assistance in credit repair and financial management. All of these new skills provide us with many great opportunities for further growth and success.” Contact: Daryl Lafayette Jones Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 14707 South Dixie Highway, Palmetto Bay, Florida, 33176, USA Phone: 001 305 969 3602 Website: The LawOffices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A. is civil litigation and real estate firm, operating primarily as a foreclosure defense firm. We spoke to Founder Daryl to find out more Consistently recognized among the top litigation lawfirms in the country, MSP Recovery Law Firm is known for its strength inmanaged care and class action litigation. Best Foreclosure Defense Firm 2017 - Florida Best Recovery Law Firm - South East USA & Excellence Award for Commercial Litigation 2017 primary payers who improperly billed Medicare entities. “We’ve developed a highly secure data driven management software for administering class action and multidistrict litigation like no other in the country,” said John H Ruiz, MSP Recovery Law Firm Founder. “And because of our work, we’ve been able to force primary payers to change their payment practices.” On April 20, 2017, MSP Recovery Law Firm made history again obtaining the second- class certification against IDS Insurance Company (MSPA Claims 1, LLC v. IDS Property Casualty Insurance, No. 2015-27940). The Honorable Judge Antonio Arzola of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit certified claims from MAO’s that seek reimbursement from the auto insurer for failing to pay as required by their contract of insurance and the law. The most recent report of the Medicare Trust Fund indicates that the federal program is projected to run a deficit in 20281. These historic wins “will enable us to recover billions of dollars to replenish Medicare and Social Security for all Americans, while forcing the auto insurance industry to comply with the law,” added Ruiz. Company: MSP Recovery Contact: Nancy Caceres Contact Email: NCACERES@ MSPRECOVERY.COM Address: 5000 SW 75th Ave, #400, Miami, Florida, 33155, USA Phone: 001 305 614 2222