Legal Elite Awards 2017

Company: Law Office of Salesia Smith-Gordon Contact: Salesia Smith-Gordon Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 922 Second Street, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401, USA Phone: 001 561 655 9279 “Having a good reputation is certainly a good start for establishing and maintaining a successful business amidst many competitors. Although I interact with an array of people with cultural, racial, gender and professional differences, I remain authentically me. I am far from perfect, but I do my best to keep my word, say what I mean and mean what I say. Understanding the breath of technological and marketing trends is a must to stay viable and connected with clients and the public. Although I am computer savvy, old school communications, i.e. talking or pen/notepad writing are traits I also keep. Having our finger on the pulse of the communities where we live and work, as well as being supportive of others, has served my firm well. Our investment in people is authentic not contrived.” Staff are vital to the success of the firm, and as such Salesia is keen to highlight their contribution to her success. “Each member of my staff was specifically selected because of their individual skill sets. Each member of the team works hard to keep their certifications and licenses current. We cross train in order to be prepared for challenges and make every effort to keep abreast of new information that may affect our office and clients. We are truly a close knit team, been together for many years and honored to help those who come through the doors of the Law Office of Salesia Smith-Gordon we fondly call The LOSVSG.” Having operating in the medial law space for many years, Salesia has a strong understanding of the challenges it faces, which she is keen to share with us. “Many people do not consider the impact of healthcare insurance until they need it. Most people do not wake up with a desired plan to be injured in a slip and fall, vehicle crash or prescription dispensing error requiring significant medical attention. These events often result in a mountain of medical bills, missed time from work and a host of collateral factors. The changes and uncertainties of the healthcare laws critically affects those who are currently injured and those who may be injured in the future. “Alongside this, the pending changes in Florida’s automobile Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws is yet another uncertainty for which we must prepare. Keeping abreast of legislative matters is critical in anticipating the possible impact on both our business practices and client interests.” Looking to the future, the ongoing focus for both Salesia and her firm remains to support her clients and provide the very highest standards of legal representation in this vital sector. “Ultimately, whether my office represents a student, stay at home mom, doctor, dog walker, businesswoman, or sugar cane harvester, each person is treated with the same honor, respect and laser focus as we fight for the rights of the injured. I am often engaged in civic activities, legal panels and other speaking engagements to support the wider industry, and moving forward my ongoing focus remains on supporting my clients and community.”