Executive Search & Staffing Awards 2017

, Theoris Services is an IT and Engineering professional services firmoffering enterprise level strategies, process services, executive search and talent-based solutions tailored tomeet the specific business needs of its clients. We profile the firm to explore how it achieves this and provides the very highest standard of service to everyone it partners with. Most Innovative IT & Engineering Recruitment Firm 2017 & CA Excellence Award for Best Employee Atmosphere 2017 Founded in 1984, Theoris Services is a global consulting and recruitment firm focused exclusively on providing enterprise level strategies, managed solutions, talent-based solutions, and executive search to information technology and engineering companies. Drawing on over 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects as an international firm committed to innovative operational and workforce solutions, Theoris has a proven track record of success. With deep experience across the complex challenges, Theoris analyses, identifies, manages, and utilizes talent for enterprise, project, and individual level initiatives. In order to meet their needs, the firm works with its clients in a strategically focused and hands-on approach to solve each client’s unique challenges, while meeting their business objectives. Theoris’s key services include enterprise strategies, managed solutions, talent solutions, and executive search. Enterprise strategies includes enterprise level audit, analysis, and planning services; to include: strategic planning, GAP analysis, current-state health checks, and future state planning. Through its managed solutions offering Theoris provides strategically focused, and hands-on process solutions to your unique operational challenges, while meeting business objectives. Within the talent solutions space, the firm provides the top talent for your specific business needs using its proprietary Talent Acquisition System (TAS) – the most effective and value-based recruiting process available today. Finally, the firm’s executive search offering provides seasoned and talented thought-leaders who can quickly adapt to and understand your organizational culture and technology environment. Thanks to this plethora of quality services, Theoris has a proven track record of recruiting top talent, particular through its world-class TAS. This innovative system takes full advantage of the evolution of recruitment efficiencies to provide the client with the most effective and value-based recruiting process available today, and is comprised of a powerful combination of integrated state-of-the-art recruitment technologies and seasoned expert recruiters. Through the use of this system, Theoris’ recruiting process is able to leverage the same efficiencies whether staffing a single hard-to-fill position or a large client initiative. As such, the firm’s capabilities are completely scalable, and the system provides industry-leading results regardless of project size. One of the unique things that separates Theoris from its competitors is its culture. The Theoris Belief Statements states: “Theoris believes that providing the highest level of service as perceived and directed by each individual customer represents our most important goal and is the essence of our company philosophy.” Thanks to this strong, supportive and collaborative culture, Theoris is able to attract and retain the best and brightest in consulting talent. By providing an environment that challenges technically along with a culture that is 100% client focused the company is able to meet the needs of both its staff and its clients and ensure that everyone it works with receives the same level of support. Overall, Theoris is on a mission K to be a trusted partner to its clients, ensuring that they can rely on their support throughout their career. Moving forward, the firm will look to achieve this by treating them with the highest level of respect, adding continual value to their career, and providing honest and courteous feedback via the kind truth. K Company: Theoris Inc Contact: Dave Lovell Contact Email: dlovell@ Theoris.com Address: Maetrics 8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA Phone: 001 317 968 9960 Website: www.theoris.com

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