Executive Search & Staffing Awards 2017

, workforce staffing method works; we offer a 16-hour quality report window on every employee we place on your production line. If the worker we place is not the best fit, we replace them within 24 hours and cover their earned day wages.” Overall, Louis attributes the firm to ensuring its clients receive a qualified labor force and are guaranteed a 100% staffed facility, every single day. “Unlike traditional staffing models, we remain committed to one client in any given market - the singular focus needed to find specific and qualified workers” Louis adds. “Our onsite team works diligently to recruit, interview and manage the large volume contingent workforce required to get production levels at peak efficiency.” As the firm’s clients (referred to as partners in order to highlight the firm’s client focused approach) are so vital to its ongoing success, Effex is constantly adapting its service offering to meet their requirements. All of the firm’s solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, as Louis emphasizes. “In order to ensure that clients receive the staff that they need, we scour our partner’s market to identify the most qualified individuals for their workforce staffing program. Working with such a high volume of candidates, we have created a process which filters out the most suitable staff for each client. First, because employees have developed their own network of skilled friends or colleagues, we institute an incentive program that rewards employees for successful recruiting of their own. Second, we offer enticing benefits that draw in serious candidates. We advertise based on experience and the know- how to make advertising dollars count. Lastly, we ourselves invest in the local community by sponsoring local charities, organizations, state workforce commissions, and career colleges to highlight our status as an employer of choice and N community leader. The result is a high volume of capable and experienced candidates from which to more thoroughly screen, test and train.” Operating in the highly competitive recruitment market, Effex understands the need to offer more than just staffing services. As such, the firm partners with its clients to offer real solutions to real problems and change the way its clients do business, making them more efficient and successful, as Louis discusses. “At its core, Effex was started to provide an impactful solution to workforce inefficiencies. Upon partnering with us, we meet workforce challenges head on by performing an in-depth analysis of current operations and assign an Implementation Team to the facility that is tasked with customizing a contingent workforce management approach. This proactive approach addresses their unique requirements. Each member of the Implementation Team has extensive management experience and relevant industry expertise, which enables them to better identify efficiency problem areas and bottlenecks.” “The Implementation team alleviates headaches by taking over responsibility for every phase of the staffing process, from recruiting and screening to training and managing. Their overall is to get our clients back to what they do best, running their business. By implementing a proven system for staffing, we achieve in finding high quality workers, 100% attendance for every shift, every day, and provide real-time, measurable data from which to monitor mounting productivity.” Ultimately, the Effex Management Solutions model delivers guaranteed, measurable results by way of the firm’s unprecedented Strategic Alliance Program for recruiting, training and management, and moving forward the firm will remain committed to supporting clients as it adapts this dynamic and creative solution to meet their ever evolving needs.

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