Executive Search & Staffing Awards 2017

, EffexManagement Solutions specializes in staffing and large volume contingent workforce management solutions that transforms production efficiency and increases your bottom line. We caught up with CEO and President Louis Flory to learnmore about the firmand the innovative services it provides. Best Large Contingent Staffing Agency - Texas Effex is a national large volume contingent workforce management solutions firm headquartered in Kingwood, Texas that employs over 6,500 workers in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities. Operating across 34 locations in the United States, the firm works hard to ensure that each and every client receives first-rate service through tailor made solutions, as Louis outlines. “Here at Effex, we specialize in human capital solutions for clients in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution markets. Markets that require large scale production can significantly benefit from our workforce management solutions. Our services are designed to eliminate low quality labor pools head on by screening a high volume of candidates every week for each individual client. We put candidates through an extensive screening process to find workers with the experience and skills needed for our client’s facilities. Our contingent workforce management solutions guarantee 100% staffed facilities every day with a single-digit turnover, offering clients the most efficient and effective recruitment solution.” “In order to ensure success right from the start, our process is centered on three of our core values: Partnership, Transparency and Evolution. We begin with Partnership, which is taking a comprehensive look at who are clients are, what they need and what they wish to achieve. Next, our plan of action is discussed and outlined, reflecting Transparency, revealing what we see and how their future will look once a plan of action is in place. The final core value, Evolution, keeps us mindful of our clients evolving business needs as we provide our services.” Alongside these core factors, the firm’s product offering is the key to keeping clients returning to use their workforce management services. This includes Effex’s Strategic Alliance Program, which is designed to guarantee 100% staffing for contingent workforces which utilizes only the most qualified employees at exactly the moment the client needs them. The SAP consists of a workforce staffing program, retention program, department specific training, flex force program and strategic alliance implementation team. The Flex Force Program guarantees 100% staffed lines every day and eliminates mediocre workers who continually show up late or do not show up at all. Once qualified candidates pass through testing and training, they enter into the Flex Force Program to await their employment opportunity. Each employee on the line will have a backup Flex Force member that arrives on site each day, ready to work. If the scheduled employee is late or does not show, the Flex Force employee will seamlessly step into action without disrupting production. Both of these innovative approaches to contingent workforce management and workforce staffing reduces employee turnover to a single digit number within three months by implementing a rigorous screening and testing process that places the right candidate in the right position. Success based incentive programs are then developed to motivate employees, encourage high performance, lower turnover rates and overall, bolster staff satisfaction. The essential aim of these programs is to boost employee morale by recognizing, valuing and rewarding those who apply themselves, offering a unique approach to mass resourcing which takes into account both individuals and the workforce as a whole, as Louis explains. “At Effex, we have a saying: ‘Why use a temporary staffing agency to fill your permanent needs?’ Our approach is entirely different. We invest in partnerships and K only work with one client per market to ensure singular focus on your needs.” “Measurable, proven results are provided through the implementation of our Strategic Alliance Program, which can be used across the board for recruiting, training and management. We are not simply looking for bodies, we are instead looking for highly qualified workers that possess the skills and experience necessary to seamlessly integrate with your production operation. The Implementation Team, put into place to oversee all phases of the staffing process, scrupulously screens candidates for each individual client. Via testing and onsite training, we weed out incompatible candidates before they reach your production lines. Once they have been deemed eligible, workers enter into the Flex Force Program to await work.” “Finally, in order to ensure complete satisfaction for the client, a highly qualified support team will remain onsite for up to 60-days to assist with management training and ensure a smooth transition and reorganization process. Every single one of our clients has access to detailed real-time reports regarding employee productivity to ensure that they get the most out of our services. We are so confident that our