Executive Search & Staffing Awards 2017

, Kramer Jacobs Search Associates are a specialist recruitment agency supporting the hiring of tax attorneys. We invited Ann Jacobs to tell us more. Best Tax Recruitment Agency - Washington Metro Area Drawing on vast industry experience, which spans nearly 30 years, Kramer Jacobs occupies a special space in the recruitment market, and works hard to offer clients the very highest level of service possible. Ann outlines the techniques the firm implements to ensure that this is achieved. “Here at Kramer Jacobs we recruit and place attorneys with expertise in tax in prominent law firms in Washington, D.C. NY, Boston, Chicago and California. Law firms will call us with a specific need, for example a tax partner with international experience, and we will confidentially provide candidates for the law firm to interview to see if it is a match with their needs. “Working in such a niche market, our core clients are predominantly big law firms and accounting firms. Since we have worked in the legal placement for almost 30 years, we understand the needs of our client firms and the marketplace so that we can make a good match between a candidate and the client. We guide both the candidates and the law firm in the process. “Overall, our goal is to find the best talent that matches the client needs, while protecting the confidentiality of the process for the candidate and the client. We achieve this through listening to the client and matching their needs with the appropriate candidates that we know and cultivate.” Focusing on the tax market means that the firm has cultivated a strong focus in this sector, and Ann is eager to emphasise the firm’s versatility and the diversity of the projects it undertakes in this industry, drawing on its vast experience and expertise. “For over 25 years, we have partnered with Michael Sandler of Sandler & Lashaw Legal Search to provide tax recruiting for client firms in NY, DC, Boston, Chicago and California. Although we pride ourselves in being a full service recruiting firm, we are confident that we can handle any tax candidate who is considering a career move and can service any law firm that is looking to hire tax professionals.” The firm’s process is focused around ensuring that both clients and candidates receive the very best service, as Ann is keen to highlight. “The process for hiring new talent is simple; we match up K skills from the candidates to the needs of the client. Our insight from having worked in this industry for almost 30 years is our greatest asset. We pride ourselves in knowing both our clients and candidates well. “Therefore, we aim to offer an open atmosphere which allows for open and honest communication. Candidates call us when they need career advice and we guide them along in the process. Sometimes a candidate is just interested in some information on the market place. We do our best to answer all questions honestly and fully because we understand that making a career change can be stressful on a candidate. We can be a great resource in minimizing this stress. We also work closely with the client so that their stress in hiring is minimized. We give both the candidate and the client information for every step of the process thereby minimizing the stress associated with a career change. “Ultimately, we are proud that we care about making a good match for our candidates. We also take pride in finding the right talent for our client firms. We are patient and do not try to push either the candidate or the client in making a decision hastily. As part of our service offering we provide both candidate and firm with information so that they can approach each step carefully in the recruiting process. It is this client focus which is the reason why we are successful recruiters.” Moving forward, Kramer Jacobs’ focus will remain firmly on continuing to provide the very highest standard of service to clients, as Ann concludes. “Looking to the future, we will continue to recruit stellar candidates for our client firms and maintain the high standards that we have held for almost 30 years.”

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