Executive Search & Staffing Awards 2017

, Hudson Staffing is a Traveling Nurse and Allied Health Care agency owned and operated by a Registered Nurse, ensuring that it offers clients the very highest standard of service which is tailored tomeet their needs. We profile the firm to learnmore about the secrets behind its success. Best Travel Nurse Agency - Alaska, Maine & Nebraska Established in 2002, Hudson Staffing is a leader in traveling healthcare dedicated to supporting both clients and candidates alike. Although Hudson Staffing is not the largest travel nurse agency, it is committed to leveraging its smaller size to offer the most flexible, supportive environment possible for candidates and the very highest possible standard of service to clients. The personal touch and individualized attention provided to its RN’s and Allied Health Professionals makes Hudson Staffing more of a team or family atmosphere. The firm’s goal is to make your experience in travel nursing and/ or travel allied healthcare vocations as pleasing and profitable for staff as possible. In order to achieve this the firm is managed with very little overhead. This allows Hudson Staffing to pay its traveling nurses and travel allied healthcare professionals more than its competitors, marking it out as the best option and ensuring that it works with some of the leading talent in the healthcare market. Overall, it is Hudson Staffing’s commitment to offering the very best environment and remuneration to its staff that marks it out as the best possible option for both healthcare professionals and clients seeking to hire travel nurses alike. Moving forward, building upon its current success will be the firm’s ongoing focus as it continues to offer everyone it works with the very best possible service. K

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