2017 Canadian Enterprise Awards

8 CORP AMERICA / CA Enterprise Awards 2017 , MSR Customs (MSR) is a company which provides Professional Customs and Trade Compliance Solutions and Services. We profiled the firm to find out what it is that makes them stand out from their competitors. Best Logistics Technology Provider 2017 - Canada Helping its clients successfully comply with the complexities of cross-border trade and customs compliance has been MSR’s mission since its inception in 1981. The firm has consistently provided trade compliance solutions to support its Customs Brokerage operations, Refund Consulting Services and MSR’s Client import and export self-clearance systems. The company and its international division eCustoms has consistently had to adapt to help clients satisfy and meet the ever- changing landscape of regulatory requirements. The best proof of this is that the firm possesses more than 1,300 Customs Compliance Services and Automated Software clients who continue to find its solutions, outstanding people, and integrated business systems to be the best in the business. The company is proud of its client roster which includes all types of businesses. Long-term clients of MSR and eCustoms will tell you that the company responds to their needs efficiently and effectively. The firm credits this to the fact that its support team consists of a group of highly- focused and seasoned industry, brokerage, technical and network subject matter experts who are dedicated to the genuine care of their customers. The firm’s strategy is to have staff who work closely with its internal support and development, which means it not only can expedite the resolution of issues, but that it can quickly and systematically inform, promote and deploy proper solutions to its client database as required for new government, international and compliance initiatives. Within the industry, MSR understands the importance of maintaining close relationships and open communications with Customs authorities including all applicable government agencies. MSR’s experience and expertise has earned the firm invitations from the Canadian and U.S. governments to participate in advisory networks to help with new cross-border security systems, including the US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Trade Support Network (TSN) for ACE eManifest and Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) eManifest Stakeholder Partnership Network (eSPN) for ACI eManifest. Overall, the MSR team continues to take pride in helping so many companies and their user teams successfully reach and maintain their cross-border compliance and automation goals. The firm looks forward to its ongoing journey of providing the international trade compliance community with the solutions they’ve come to rely on for many more years to come. NAC17006 K Contact: Mary Ellen (“ME”) Bendoraitis Contact Email: [email protected] Company: MSR Customs, 2 Tippett Road, Toronto, Ontario M3H 2V2, Canada Phone: 716 881-2590 or 877-328-7866 (toll free in US & Canada) Website: MSRCustoms.com

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