2017 Canadian Enterprise Awards

6 CORP AMERICA / CA Enterprise Awards 2017 , Mindshape is a Toronto based agency focussed on creating truly immersive brand experiences at every touch point. We invited David Brown to tell us more about the firmand the range of service they offer. Most Innovative Marketing Consultancy – Ontario & Creative Director of the Year 2017 - Toronto With over 20 years of experience building and transforming brands, Mindshape has worked with clients from Automotive and Finance to Consumer Packaged Goods and Emerging Technologies. The firm’s core services include; discovery and strategy, cutomer journey mapping, media and technology, creative and digital, social media and activation. Working with such a varied client base on such a vast array of services means that the firm has to work hard to ensure it meets each client’s individual needs, as David explains. “Here at Mindshape, our client service philosophy is built on a culture of passion. This is a fundamental belief built into the hearts and minds of our team. We are passionate about our work and helping our clients succeed. “This culture of passion, coupled with our unique approach, result in effective and efficient strategies that exceed expectations and deliver projects on time and on budget. We bring together over 30 strategic planning, design, media and digital marketing professionals. Our unique insight and diverse experiences enable Mindshape to provide a fresh perspective as a fully integrated brand marketing agency. With proven expertise in creating and managing large scale programs, we always look to simplify our clients lives, building lasting relationships and measurable results.” Operating in the competitive marketing industry, Mindshape has to set itself apart from its competition to ensure success, which is one of the firm’s core focuses, as David is keen to highlight. “There are many great brand agencies providing creative solutions today. However we have never wanted to be one of many. What separates Mindshape from the pack and brings our clients the greatest value is our exclusive Brand 360 methodology. Brand 360 is a scalable approach to mapping and activating usable brand stories. By setting clearly defined objectives and working to identify the hidden truths, we are able to move brands quickly and efficiently from Discovery to Activation. In a world of constant change, we believe creating brand stories that are built on truths connect the hearts and minds of customers and define the difference between allegiance and irrelevance.” STB17007 K Company: Mindshape Creative Brand Marketing Contact: David Brown Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 1384 Cornwall Road Oakville, Ontario, L6J 7W5, Canada Phone: 001 905 339 3500 X 224 Website: www.mindshape.com Being based in Canada offers the firm many strategic advances, according to David, who is eager to showcase the region’s many benefits for firms such as his. “Overall, we believe in a global economy and open markets. Canada is often the gateway into a larger North American market with access to the businesses, consumers and decision makers that benefit from our marketing solutions. This is an exciting time to be in marketing and advertising, with significant shifts in both our industry and the economy there are tremendous opportunities to work with innovative and growing Canadian businesses.” Looking ahead, David and his team are keen to adapt around the latest industry trends in order to continue offering clients innovative solutions that will help them to grow and prosper. “Currently, we are seeing a shift from mass to the power-of-one. As people become increasingly connected through social media and a tech-dominated world, the role of marketing and advertising has to be to simplify the experience and provide a higher level of authentic engagement. “To adapt around this change and build upon our current success, at Mindshape we look to create powerful human- centric messages that appeal to the fundamental aspects of human nature through shared experiences. We are working with our clients to leverage emerging trends in native advertising, content marketing (Inbound), personalization, streaming video and visual story telling.”

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