CA State Business Awards 2017

6 CORP AMERICA / CA State Business 2017 , Inspironix is an innovative Sacramento based software and IT firmoffering a wide variety of products and solutions. We have profiled the firm to find out more about the secrets behind its success so far. Recognized Leader in IT Solutions 2017 & Technology CEO of the Year 2017 - California Drawing on over 30 years experience in the IT market, Inspironix is a one- stop shop for a full spectrum of IT services. The firm focuses primarily on custom web-based data systems; custom software; custom mobile apps, software for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) industry, including their ePCR systems, Outfielder N3™ and Outfielder Web™; and software for education, including CaCDS (The Class and Certification Data System) for tracking Certifications and Training in any industry, and generating Certification Cards, CE Certificates, and a host of powerful reports. Inspironix also offers InspiroScan, a bubble-form system that allows organizations in all industries to grade multiple choice exams and collect survey data. It is a cost effective, modern alternative to Scantron and Pearson scanning solutions. The software uses off-the-shelf scanners, which are more widely available and less expensive than traditional bubble form scanners. All Inspironix work is performed in their offices in Sacramento, California. No work is outsourced outside the United States. This allows them to provide the best software, services, and support possible. CEO Cary Parkins cites insistence on intuitiveness, high quality, consistency, and never ending improvement as reasons for the company’s success. He also says that having all developers and designers under one roof makes attaining all of these ideals as practical and cost-effective as possible. Overall, Inspironix provides the best value possible. Their consultants and developers are experts focused in providing highly intuitive and powerful systems coupled with outstanding support, and continuing to provide this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future. STB17007 K Company: Inspironix, Inc. Contact: Erika Friedman Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 3400 Cottage Way, Suite L, Sacramento, CA, 95825, USA Phone: 001 916 488-3222 x103 Website: