CA Boardroom Elite 2017

, TrendHR is a Rockwall, Texas based human resource outsourcing company that provides PEO services to businesses across the U.S. We invited LucindaMcCuin, HRManager, to provide us with an absorbing overview of this dynamic company and the services it offers. Best Human Resource Services Provider - Texas Established in 1997 as Trend Personnel Services, the firm has since evolved into a human resource specialist known as TrendHR. Lucinda discusses how the firm has evolved into a fully rounded company offering a wide range of solutions to meet the varied needs of its clients. “TrendHR was originally built upon on the traditional staffing company model specializing in temporary and direct hire placement. Our commitment to superb customer service quickly allowed us to become one of the largest staffing companies in the North Texas Corridor. In 2001, that commitment enabled Trend Personnel Services to go beyond traditional staffing services and begin offering clients human resources options, including PEO services. “Our service offering spans the entire HR market; Trend helps solve problems in the areas of human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits, and payroll. Our services are to help clients increase profitability and maximizing employee productivity by reducing the time spent doing transactional human resources activities, reduces employment related liability, and ultimately lowers labor costs.” Internally the firm draws on its experience in HR to ensure that it provides its staff with a supportive and collaborative environment in which they can flourish and provide their clients with the level of service they expect, as Lucinda highlights. “Working in the human resources market, Trend understands that the key to business success relies on employee success. We strive to keep a positive and motivated team-based atmosphere within our office. There are regular team building events; company softball games, escape room challenges, minute to win it competitions and company happy hours that allow our employees to build relationships and comradery within the team. Weekly training is provided for departments to ensure our employees are provided the knowledge necessary for success and opportunities. Our culture is to treat everyone like family. Building this culture within our office allows this culture to extend to our clients. They know our names and we know theirs. We get to know our clients so they know who to go to when they need help and can rely on us to get the job done correctly and on time.” Fundamentally, the firm is unique thanks to its commitment to providing clients with the very highest standards of service while offering such a wide array of solutions, and, as Lucinda concludes, this will remain its ongoing focus moving forward. “What truly sets TrendHR apart is that it operates as an offsite human resource department for its clients. TrendHR provides human resource functions, such as administering employee benefits, insurance, payroll, taxes, help with the ever increasing burden of governmental and regulatory compliance and numerous other employee related services that allow business owners to focus on the most important thing; growing their business. That is even in our trademarked tagline; “Do what you do best and let Trend handle the rest.” All these services are provided through K economies of scale of putting together tens of thousands of employees together creating tremendous cost savings compared to the expense of self- administering such programs or competitors. We offer a complete suite of Human Resource Outsourcing services, in addition to premium Customer Service to ensure we meet the clients’ individual needs. “Central to our approach is the fact that we focus on meeting the needs of each individual client. Not all clients are the same and they do not require the same support. We partner with our clients to assist them in reaching their goals, and this will remain our ongoing focus as we seek to build upon our current achievements going forward.”