Solar panels (solar cell) in solar farm with blue sky

Having operated for more than 20 years, solar powerhouse Cenith Energy Corporation (Cenith Energy) recently sold all of its hi-tech products to Mclilian Tech Inc. We speak to company director Sam Qin, about the two companies and the recent acquisition as both firms are recognized in the Canadian Made Awards 2022.

Since being established in Ontario, Canada in August 2002, Cenith Energy Corporation has been a solar power developer in both the USA and Canada. Cenith Energy is also a wholesaler of different parts of solar power systems, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting brackets, inverters, lithium and solar batteries, power distribution boxes, solar photovoltaic (PV) cables, MC4 connectors, and solar power streetlights. Cenith Energy provides products and services that satisfy the needs of thousands of loyal clients and customers.

As a solar power developer and a service provider in the environment protection engineering space, Cenith Energy’s clients are predominantly corporates, governments, and institutions. So far, the company has provided almost 1 GW to customers in the solar power industry, and it has also provided for its clients an easy smog solution in the environment sector globally.  

Mr Sam Qin is one of two directors of Cenith Energy, the other being Ms Joyce Li. Sam tells us more about how the firm goes about finding new business.

“We contact the clients to arrange a meeting and then make presentations for them to see if they need the solar power products and systems, and/or our smog solution,” he explains. “Sometimes, as the solar power developer, we have to bid in order to acquire the solar power projects through our local Feed-in-Tariffs or Net-Metering programs.”

In October 2022, Mclilian Tech Inc purchased all of the existing hi-tech products and services from Cenith Energy Corporation. These hi-tech products and services include 1) the popular Enoch Robot (this being a snow removal and lawnmower for residents), 2) the smart solar street light systems, 3) Havilland indoors, 4) smart devices for residents, and 5) tribal-electric devices.

As the economy seems to be going through a downturn currently, Sam is determined to carry on with business as usual.

“We will employ our innovative spirit to continue to sell and develop the solar power products and systems, as well as smog solution, in the environment protection engineering space,” he states. “As well as this, we will continue to find the right partners and staff members.”

Indeed, the employees at Cenith Energy are very well respected by Sam and his colleagues, and it is in part due to their hard work and commitment that not only has Cenith Energy been recognized in the Canadian Made Awards 2022, winning the title of Best Clean Energy & Environmental Protection Company – Ontario, but so too has its auxiliary company, Mclilian Tech which was named Best Robotics Company – Ontario. These two prestigious accolades are testament to the dedication of the team, as Sam elaborates.

“Our staff play a very important role in cooperation, especially in sales and innovation. Trustworthiness is a very important quality between clients and the staff. There are three internal cultures which we encourage here at Cenith, and these are professionalism, responsibility, and trustworthiness.”

The two directors, Sam Qin and Joyce Li, both received Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals in 2012 and, more recently, Queen’s Platinum Medals of Canada in 2022, which was presented to them by Majid Jowhari, a Member of Parliament for Canada.

For business enquiries, contact Sam Qin from Cenith Energy Corporation/Mclilian Tech Inc. on their website –