Tips For Communicating Outsourcing Strategies to Employees

Outsourcing can be an incredibly useful business strategy that eases pressure on business leaders. For the workers, however, the arrangement can cause some concern if your company is lacking in communication.

There are some fears at times that outsourcing might foreshadow job losses and other struggling aspects of a company’s internal workings. These anxieties are very seldom well-founded, with the strategy boosting a firm’s prospects for the better in bolstering security, saving time, and improving the efficiency of operations.

How can you relay these assurances to your workers? Here are some tips to help you.


Explain Early

Outsourcing can be an effective, permanent solution that strengthens the bones of a business. To put off sharing this information might lead employees to mistakenly believe that you have something to hide.

For example, everybody knows that firms have been hit hard with their supply chains. Being open about these problems long before outsourcing is even mentioned will help employees understand why you are making decisions around outsourcing. The sooner the pieces fall into place, the better.

You could also speak to the experts at SCHC about your supply chain woes and relay the most encouraging parts of the dialogue to your workers. Working with these 3PL Texas services may be one of the most critical decisions you make as an entrepreneur, allowing you and your team to focus on other areas of your business with the specialists dealing with warehousing, distribution, and more to revitalize your supply chain.


Make Well-being a Core Reason

Work stress is becoming increasingly common in workplaces. The U.S., in particular, is often driven by toxic workplace cultures, driving employees to the brink of madness if it means securing a good performance.

In the end, it is worth explaining that outsourcing can be an immediate solution to these problems. Workloads can be reduced, and thus a better work-life balance can be achieved. Those perks to the arrangement cannot be understated.

Many employees can assume that outsourcing is strictly a business decision to cut costs and balance books. Still, if you can explain that these arrangements have positive mental and emotional results, it can help you and your business be perceived as more empathetic. Rather than outsourcing being a way to dismiss loyal employees, it can be a way to put them first. Communicate that distinction.


Appoint Influential Ambassadors

Word can travel fast in a workplace. You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can ensure that employees with a sharper influence spread the word about your outsourcing on your behalf.

It could be worth reviewing how you spot leadership potential in your business. That way, you can ask the most promising talent in your workforce to tout your outsourcing strategies or answer any queries with reassurances when you’re not around. Doing this will calm the waters and build stronger relationships between staff as they comfort and teach one another.

Once you have identified those with an infectious charm or charisma, be upfront with them about your intentions. They may feel more committed to spreading the good word of outsourcing, knowing they are being watched and entrusted to do something ‘extra’ in their performance. Upfront honesty and disclosures will also help them believe more in the outsourcing move themselves.

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4 Simple Tips for An Effective Trade Show Booth

Trade Show

Visiting trade shows is a common undertaking by businesses looking to grow and expand their reach to clients and other professionals. A trade show is usually an exhibition that showcases businesses within a certain industry. You’ll have several booths set around the place to advertise certain businesses and allow guests to discuss business with those manning the booths. You can benefit from running your own booth as a business owner, especially if you’re looking to expand your network and boost the integrity of your company as a whole. Creating an effective booth, however, is no simple task and requires some significant forethought before you get started.


Set Goals and Focus On Targets

Before you get ahead of yourself with trade show planning and purchasing your décor, it’s important to consider exactly what your goals are for running a booth at a trade show. Figure out what you want to get out of this event, as it will require a lot of effort and resources. For example, are you trying to bolster the support of your current customers and keep them interested in your products or services? Are you trying to attract new customers to your business? Or are you trying to promote a new product or service? Once you understand exactly why you’re going to be at this trade show, you’ll be better prepared for the overall planning and execution of a successful event.


Advertise Beforehand

While having a great booth that is eye-catching and attractive to draw people in can provide you with some great success on the day, it’s just as easy for even the most interesting-looking booths to miss out on a lot of engagement with guests. Most exhibitions and trade shows will likely be quite large and difficult to navigate. With so much to see, it’s easy for some of the most interesting booths to simply get very little traffic, depending on their booth location, for example. This is why it’s important to reach out and advertise your booth and business to those who may be visiting on the day. This will encourage guests to look for you, specifically, rather than just happening to stumble onto your booth.


Provide Branded Freebies

Another great way to encourage people to visit your booth and bring more awareness to your business at the same time, is to offer freebies and giveaways to attendees. You could get branded beanies showcasing your logo and colours and things like t-shirts, sunglasses, or tote bags and pens. Many people enjoy visiting these trade shows partly because of all the free gifts they can get. This has become almost synonymous with trade shows, and people are very likely to take any free items you hand them simply because they’re free, and this naturally helps to market your brand.


Consider Your Engagement

It’s important that your booth engages with an individual. This means that you should be offering something exciting or interesting that someone can connect to and appreciate. The tools and tricks you utilize for engagement don’t necessarily have to be related to your business. Games and engaging tech like VR can work wonders for encouraging people to open a dialogue with you, and you can then lead the conversation towards your business offerings once that door has been opened.

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7 Ways Enterprises Can Lower Cost and Increase Secured Automation

Secure automation

Enterprises are always looking for ways to lower operating costs and increase efficiency. One way to do this is through the use of secured automation. Automation can help reduce labor costs while also increasing security. In this article, we will discuss seven ways that enterprises can benefit from connected automation.


What Is Secured Automation?

Secured automation uses technology to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed manually. This can include tasks like data entry to more complex application development and testing processes. Secured automation can help enterprises save time and money by reducing the need for human intervention in various tasks, including managed PKI.


Benefits of Secured Automation

There are many benefits that enterprises can enjoy by implementing secured automation. These benefits include:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: One of the most obvious benefits of automation is reducing labor costs. Automating tasks typically performed manually can help reduce the amount of staff needed to complete those tasks. This can lead to significant savings for enterprises.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automation can also help increase the efficiency of various processes. By automating repetitive tasks, enterprises can free up employees to focus on more critical tasks. This can help improve overall productivity.
  • Improved Quality: Automated processes are often more accurate than manual ones. This can lead to enhanced quality for enterprises that implement automation.


PKIs and Digital Signatures

These can be used to secure automated workflows. Digital signatures ensure that only authorized users can access specific data or applications. This can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Automated workflows can also help reduce the time needed to complete tasks and manage PKIs. This can free up employees to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, one vendor per platform for managed PKI and certificate lifecycle automation.


Reduce Manual Labor

First, automated systems can help reduce the need for manual labor. This can lead to significant cost savings as enterprises will no longer need to pay workers to perform tasks that can be easily automated. Additionally, automated systems can help improve accuracy and efficiency as they are less likely to make mistakes than human workers.


Improve Security

Second, automated systems can help improve security. By automating tasks, enterprises can help to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data and systems. This can help to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.


Reduce Paper

Third, automated systems can help reduce the need for paper records. Paper records are often lost or misplaced, which can lead to costly delays in business operations. Mechanical systems can help to eliminate the need for paper records by storing data electronically.


Improve Customer Service

Fourth, automated systems can help improve customer service. By automating tasks, enterprises can provide faster and more efficient customer service. Additionally, automated systems can help reduce the need for human interaction, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


Improve Communication

Fifth, automated systems can help to improve communication and collaboration. By automating tasks, enterprises can help to ensure that all employees have the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, automated systems can help reduce the need for face-to-face meetings, saving time and money.


Improve Decision-Making

Sixth, automated systems can help to improve decision-making. By automating tasks, enterprises can help to ensure that decisions are made based on accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, automated systems can help to provide employees with the ability to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


Final Thoughts

By implementing secured automation, enterprises can benefit in many ways. Automation can help to reduce costs, improve security, and improve efficiency. Additionally, automation can help to improve customer service, communication, and collaboration. It can also help to improve decision-making. Implementing automation can help enterprises to save money and increase efficiency in many different areas of their business.

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Resume Characteristics That Get Results


When you are creating your resume, you want to create the kind of document that is going to make potential employers sit up and take notice, as well as ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Of course, the actual content of your resume is going to depend very much on the job role that you are applying for, but certain characteristics can shine throughout every single resume out there. The following blog post will be looking at exactly what some of these happen to be in a higher level of detail.


Designed to a High Standard

The first thing that potential employers are going to notice about your resume is exactly how it looks on the page. It no longer has to be the case that you are only reliant on the pros to put together a resume for you. Instead, there are plenty of resume samples that are going to give you a helping hand on this front. You should ensure that whatever you do, the eye can glide over the page easily and the key information should be simple to pick out. It is worth giving other people the chance to look it over to see how well you have been able to achieve this feat. You do not want to make the mistake of it being ‘over-designed’ for any reason at all.


Well Written and Organized

The resume needs to be organized into clear sections that allow the looker to get a good idea of the different areas of your life, such as your work experience, your education, your special skills, your interests etc. Not only does this clear sense of organization need to be present, but there is also the sense that you will do better if your resume is well written. Everyone has spellchecker software in the modern world and there are also grammar tools that can give you a major helping hand on this front as well. At the same time, if you are not the most literate person in the world, it is certainly going to be useful to have somebody cast their eyes over their resume who is a skilled writer and editor. This can certainly help to give you the edge if the employer happens to want to go into a higher level of detail.


Targeted to Each Position

There are occasions in which the jobs that you are going for are quite different, and other times in which they are similar. Whatever the case, it is going to help you out no end if you are making a special effort to tailor your resume to the job in question. This way, employers can see that you have made the effort and you are interested in that specific job role. There also may be parts that are less relevant and parts that you want to emphasize. Ultimately, to save time here, it may well be worth having a larger document that you can take bits from rather than having to rewrite the CV repeatedly.


Results Orientated

As well as the skills that you have managed to build up over the years, there is also the sense that employers want to be able to take a closer look at what sort of results you have managed to get during your working career. This can help you out in a significant manner if you can showcase one or two statistics that truly help you to stand out from the crowd. While there are a lot of inspirational and motivational words that are repeated time and time again in a whole host of different resumes, the cold, hard stats cannot be replicated, but they can tell you a lot about a candidate.


To the Point

While it may be tempting to go on and on about your achievements, you must think about how much a hiring manager is going to have the chance to read. It could well be the case that they have a whole stack of different resumes that they are having to sift their way through, and they are simply not going to have the opportunity to look through every one of them in a high level of detail. You also must bear in mind that there will often be a covering letter that you can use to get additional points across, so you do not want to make the mistake of creating a resume document that is too long to the point that it can end up getting put right to the bottom of the pile.


Include Interests Section

When many people like to put a high degree of focus on their achievements in terms of work, it is also a good idea to bring a bit of color to your resume to show that you are well and truly a well-rounded person by including your own interests section here. This way, you are going to be able to demonstrate that there is more to you beyond work. You should think about any passions that you have outside of work that can help to set you apart from the crowd.

These are just a few of the crucial elements that can make up an excellent resume document that will help you to land the next big position that you are trying to get. Essentially, your resume needs to have a great sense of structure, but there needs to also be some real stats and evidence in here to ensure that it is not going to come across as being too woolly. At the same time, this does not mean that you should be excluding entirely any personal info that can help you to stand out from the crowd and can give you the certain edge that employers are looking for. Keep working on it for each position, so employers can see that you have made the effort to display why you are the right person for the job role they are wanting to fill.

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Most Educational Music Lesson Provider 2022

Close up of hands playing the piano in the morning

Based in High Point, North Carolina, SetApart Music guides its students on a voyage of discovery. Believing that each person’s talent is unique, the team encourages and guides musicians of all ages to find and develop an avenue to display that talent. We speak to SetApart Music Founder, Scott Johnson, to find out more.

Deciding to learn an instrument is something that most of us will have thought about. Maybe thinking about it was all you did. And perhaps the thought is still there at the back of your mind. Or maybe you started to learn but then gave up when the going got tough or you didn’t have enough time to practice.

Learning to master an instrument is not for the faint-hearted, it takes a lot of time and effort. Getting the right help and encouragement can be the difference between leaving that instrument-case gathering dust in the attic or stepping out onto the stage of an auditorium.

‘Nurturing Talent, Inspiring Dreams’ is the mission of music education company, SetApart Music. The company works with students from 4 years upwards, providing a variety of courses including guitar, piano, band instruments, vocals, and song writing.

Scott explains, “We equip our students with real-world music skills. This enables them to take part in community bands, theatrical auditions and plays, all-county and state instrument try-outs, and worship services. We also teach how to prepare online media material for professional performances on social platforms.”

The company thrives on its ability to build personal relationships with its students. Understanding the interests and influences of each client is essential. It’s the foundation that SetApart Music uses to plan its goal-based lessons. The aim is to take each client from their current skill level to new heights of accomplishment. Scott tells us, “We’re here to help our clients explore their talents. Talent needs nurturing. It takes time.

“We’re very method based. It is important to us to make sure each client knows how to practice and approach music at all levels. The simplest techniques, like counting, naming notes and rhythms, singing lyrics, and breathing can bring joy to everyday learning. It’s not what you practice, it’s how you practice.”

Dedication, discipline, and community are all wonderful tools to inspire others. Teachers and mentors at SetApart Music help students create and stick to a plan for their studies as well as advise them on how to carve out that precious practice time.

Sharing music is vital to being able to progress in confidence. Playing in a group, band, or community is a great way to give talent a place to thrive. SetApart Music helps create those opportunities for its students. The team know the path to success is not always a smooth one, “It gets harder before it gets better. As long as you have someone you trust guiding and encouraging you, you’ll get there. It’s not how you start – it’s how you finish!” says Scott.

The team at SetApart Music are hand-picked for their talent not only as musicians but for their potential as teachers too. Scott explains, “When we’re interested in working with someone, we show them what they can achieve, not just what they can help us with. That gets them to sit up and take notice.

“No one is the best when they first start at a job, at any level. But with the right training and encouragement, they can become the best person for each client very quickly. Recognising someone’s potential is one of the greatest things you can do for them. But helping them hone their skills and taking a risk on them in faith will pay off every time.”

Currently, SetApart Music holds up to 5 recitals a year as well as summer camps and open mic events. The company is actively seeking to partner with more local businesses, churches, and music event providers to give students access to more community-based music opportunities.

Looking to the future, Scott would love to have two or three more bases in the region. His vision further down the line is to own a performance venue for up-and-coming talent and to provide after-school programs to low-income families.

Here’s a final word from Scott on receiving the award, “Thank you for this honour. We do not take it or our responsibility to our community lightly. Thank you for the reach that your help will give us.”


For business inquiries, contact Scott Johnson at SetApart Music via

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Truck Driving as a Career: What to Consider

Truck Driving

Truck driving is a career that appeals to many people. There is something alluring about making a living from hitting the open road, spending long periods behind the wheel, and exploring new places. Truck driving does not have to remain a fantasy as it is a career that can be relatively easy to start and there is currently a shortage of workers. There are many benefits to a career as a truck driver, but there are also a few drawbacks and considerations that you need to be aware of. This post will look at a few of the main things to be aware of, including both the benefits and drawbacks of a career in trucking.


There Is a Shortage Right Now

As mentioned above, there is currently a truck driver shortage in the US (and many countries around the world). This means that now could be a good time to start as you can find a lot of work and benefit from job security, but you must also ask yourself why there is a shortage. There is not one reason for this, but many state that they left the trucking industry due to working conditions, so this is something that you need to be wary of.


You Can Be Your Own Boss

Many truck drivers like to set up their own businesses so that they can be their own bosses. This can be a great way to take control of your truck driving career and provides a level of flexibility that is hard to match. For those that do not want to work for someone else, you might find starting your own trucking business to be incredibly rewarding and life changing. Additionally, it is not too challenging to start your own trucking business, unlike many other types of businesses.


It Can Be Demanding

Although you can be your own boss and there is a level of flexibility, you will find that truck driving can also be hugely demanding. To make a good amount of money, you will need to take on as much work as possible, and this will involve having to meet tight deadlines. This can be difficult, which is why you should never take on more than you can handle and ensure that you are using the best route planning software, so that you can be as efficient as possible each day.


The Open Road Can Be Therapeutic

If you like driving, you should find the open road to be incredibly cathartic. There is something special about hitting the open road by yourself and it can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy precious alone time. This can be therapeutic, and it is one of the most appealing parts of being a truck driver for many people.


The Work Can Be Lonely

Although the open road can be cathartic and alone time can be beneficial, you will find that there is a fine line and sometimes the work can be lonely. You will spend most of your time behind the wheel by yourself, and you might have to be away from home when making long deliveries. This means that the work can be lonely and isolating, so you need to be wary of this, and ensure that you are spending plenty of time with loved ones in your free time.


You Can Find Shipping Work on Load Boards

One of the best aspects of trucking these days is that it is easier than ever to find shipping work. You can browse available truck loads on load boards, which allows you to find a steady stream of work and pick and choose what works for you. This is particularly helpful when you are just getting started and looking to find work, as you can find continuous work and build up your experience levels.


You Need to Prioritize Your Wellbeing

You will find that many new truck drivers struggle in the first year or so and this is because they do not know how to look after themselves. When you spend long periods on the road away from home and must make tight deadlines, you will find that your well-being can take a backseat, but this is dangerous. You need to make sure that you maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and take regular breaks from driving. You also need to lead a healthy lifestyle in your free time, so that you can recover, recharge, and enjoy your time off. It can take some getting used to, but this will be key for long-term success and enjoying your work.


The Work Can Be Engaging

Although truck drivers spend a lot of time driving on highways, you will find that the work can still be engaging. This is because you are constantly having to focus – you will be exploring new places and meeting new people along the way. If you are the type of person that struggles in an office environment, you might find trucking to be an improvement because you are out and about each day and every job will be different.


Truck Driving Is Different

It is also important to note that driving a truck is a lot different from driving a regular vehicle. Even if you are a confident and competent driver, you might find it hard to adjust to trucking, particularly when it comes to reversing and parking. Therefore, it is important to develop your truck driving skills before you get started, so that you can feel confident behind the wheel while on the job.


These are a few of the main things to be aware of if you are thinking about starting work as a truck driver. It is a career that is often romanticized and, while there are certainly many benefits to it, you will find that there are drawbacks, and it is a line of work that is not well-suited to everyone. However, as long as you consider the above advice, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

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How to Implement Workflow Automation Software With Your Business


Every little bit counts in a tiny firm. Your company may suffer a significant loss as a result of time wastage. You start laying off people to save money as your business expands. However, firing staff may leave your business with fewer resources and halt its expansion.

However, there is an alternative to eliminating your personnel from your company and decreasing the likelihood of business expansion. You can complete some of your work with Workflow Automation Software.

All of your work will be completed swiftly with the aid of workflow automation software, which will boost the benefits to your company while also reducing the cost of labour. Here are some of the advantages of using workflow automation software in a small firm, along with instructions on putting it into practice.


What Do You Mean By Workflow Automation?

Manual labour is more expensive, less dependable, and prone to mistakes. Workflow automation, however, will allow for faster and more accurate completion of tasks. It entails using procedures and established business principles without an employee’s involvement, enabling the speedy and correct completion of tasks.

They are created specifically to drive growth and streamline corporate operations. Your companies are at a lower risk of failure or have few hazards. The workflow automation program reduces the amount of work that requires paper.


What Do Tools For Workflow Automation Do?

You can delegate your job with the use of workflow automation software. It will assist you in setting up tasks by business requirements. Workflow automation solutions create necessary business documents, assign tasks, digitally sign documents, store data, and send it between various systems.

Workflow automation software requires that every workflow aspect be planned, created, and organized to duplicate or enhance the current process.

After the participants provide their approval, the stable version is finished. The software handles the task connections and organization. 


Workflow Automation Examples

You can assist your workers in focusing on work that is more important by employing a workflow automation system. Within your company, the following instances of workflow automation are given.


Workflow Software For Marketing Tasks

You can use workflow software to automate the following marketing tasks:

Establishing marketing emails, authorizing new advertising strategies, organizing posts on social media, and screening prospects for the sales staff.


Sales Procedures

You can also manage the following sales procedures: screening potential leads, arranging appointments, sending quotations or offers, and creating monthly sales.


IT Departments

With the aid of a workflow automation platform, IT departments can automate the following processes:

Setting up identities for new hires, Managing internal service requests, Testing new devices and systems.


Accounting Procedures

You can automate the following accounting procedures:

Handling sales invoices, processing client bills, creating financial information, and paying employee expenditures are just a few of the tasks involved.


HR Processes

Workflow automation software can automate the following HR processes:

Processing payments, handling time-off applications, keeping track of customer records, assessing job forms, and integrating new workers are just a few of the responsibilities of an employer.


How to Put a Workflow Automation Software Into Practice

Workflow automation can be intimidating to begin with. However, it may provide wide-ranging advantages for your entire company. To form, adhere to these guidelines.


Determine Your Objectives

Workflow automation will take time in its implementation. You need to determine our objectives first. Ad determining your objectives will take time. Examples include accelerating production, shortening turnaround time, and enhancing operational effectiveness. Once your goals are clear, you’ll be able to convince leadership to support workflow software.


Choose An Operational Process

You should pick a manual method to an automated one. It will frequently repeat this very same set of steps.

You can automate the following procedures as examples:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Authorizations of expenses
  • Compliance with sales order
  • Market agreements
  • Demand for trip

There are thousands of activities in your organization that could be automated.


Ensure a Security Strategy

You need to establish security standards for your company. You have to imply all the security standards essential for your company. Always select the partners whom you can fully trust. Before selecting candidates for your investment, always choose the one you can trust that will secure your financial information. You can safely implement your workflow automation software with a good security architecture.


Choosing the Correct Software 

There are over a million software for workflow automation, but choosing the right one is more important than selecting a famous one. You should pick the one that will fulfill your company’s requirements. The software should have the best performance, interoperability, and exciting features. 

Choose the one that has specialized business process automation software. If you like more than one software for your company, test the one best suited for your company.

The following are the main qualities to consider when selecting workflow automation software:

  • Visual rule creator
  • Drag-and-drop shape designing
  • No-code workflow developer
  • Alerts and prompts
  • Built-in touchscreen compatibility
  • KPI-based analytics
  • Connection with other programs
  • Clouds and on-premise solutions


Collect Data

Consult those involved in the campaign you chose for their opinions. What jobs take the longest to finish? Do they usually encounter any problems?

Have staff members walk you through a procedure from beginning to end. This will assist you in locating problem areas and addressing any bottlenecks. 


Check Your Workflow

Workflow automation software will help you to customize each phase of your workflow. You can also use different rules of your choice in your workflow automation.

After making a workflow, you can also test a workflow of how they appear on your mobile phones. Before implementing your workflow throughout the company, test it thoroughly. Obtain feedback and adjust your workflow as necessary.


Prepare Your Group

All parties must eventually agree to deploy a workflow automation system. But it can be tough to bring people along Because progress has not always been simple.

Effective ways to increase training courses, explain the advantages of automated procedures, and include your staff at every stage. When you alter your workflows, always continue to keep your course manuals.



With the help of workflow automation software, you can automate several tasks. Your staff can use their time more effectively if they aren’t entangled in menial activities.

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Coca-Cola is the Strongest Brand in the US, With a Brand Strength of 93.3

Fizzy Drink

Coca-Cola is America’s strongest brand. That’s according to a analysis. The world-class company has a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 93.3 out of 100. 

Moreover, Coca-Cola has a corresponding elite AAA+ rating. The BSI score ranking is based on its Brand Loyalty and Recommendation Forecast data reflecting consumer perceptions, preferences, and intentions – both online and offline.


Coca-Cola’s strong approval

TradingPlatforms’ financial expert Edith Reads says, “Coca-Cola’s brand strength is undeniable. Largely due to the prominence of its core drink in the consumer’s mind, as well as more recent innovations such as new flavors and lower sugar variants.”

She adds, “This BSI score is a measure of consumer loyalty, which is only achieved through an outstanding level of brand awareness and strong consumer approval ratings.”


Coca-Cola launches new Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine drink

In a time of rising health consciousness, the company has focused on providing low-nutrition and alternative products like Coke Zero to meet consumers’ needs. The company recently announced the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine, a take on the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar taste. This new variant will be available across 2L PET bottles and multipack 330ml cans.

At the same time, it has made strategic decisions to leverage e-commerce to ensure brand availability in an era of interrupted supply chains. Coca-Cola’s digital strategy has also boosted its sales apart from its solid product strategy that saw them successfully navigate to the top.


Coca-Cola targets online engagement

During the 2021 pandemic, Coca-Cola launched a campaign to celebrate life and shared experiences – ‘Together Tastes Better’ – to promote the home consumption of Coca-Cola products. 


Coca-cola’s strong online presence

From the onset, Coca-Cola’s online ordering and delivery were fraught with security concerns and restricted usage due to quarantines at that time. So the company also launched the myCoke mobile application, enabling online orders delivered directly from your fridge!

The company has built a strong presence across digital and social platforms using its flagship brands to encourage online engagement and community actions.

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LGBTQ+ Activists Awarded Grants from Hornitos Tequila to Amplify Advocacy Work

Hands holding up small rainbow flags in the daylight

Earlier this year Hornitos Tequila proudly announced its official partnership with GLAAD – the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization – with the goal of identifying, honoring and celebrating LGBTQ community members who are spearheading change on a local and national level. As a brand that was founded on the belief that nothing great ever happens without taking a chance, Hornitos is proud to announce the inaugural selected grant recipients who have challenged the status quo for the better.


About the Grantees


DaShawn Usher and Julian J. Walker of Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI)

DaShawn Usher, Founder and Executive Director of MOBI, is a native New Yorker and an award-winning advocate, published researcher, and celebrated leader within the LGBT community and HIV prevention field. He has cultivated more than 15 years of extensive experience in research, program development and design, health communications, and campaigns. Julian J. Walker is an esteemed silver screen Actor, Author, and the Deputy Director of MOBI, this Jackson, MS native has spent the past seven years partnering with campaigns, leaders, universities, and organizations across the globe in hopes of creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ POC.

MOBI is curated social connectivity events for gay and queer people of color to see their holistic self while promoting community, wellness, and personal development. MOBI’s signature programming includes MOBItalks, a personal and professional development series for Black gay men and MOBIfest, an interactive wellness experience that celebrates Black queer voices in fashion, music, visual arts and media.

The full MOBI team features: Anthony Curry (Director of Operations & Events), Dwyane Williams, Jr (Director of Community Engagement), and LaQuann Dawson (Visual Director).


Maria Louise Roman-Taylorson of TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC)

Maria Louise Roman-Taylorson has been a leader in social services for the transgender community in Los Angeles for more than 20 years. Maria is Vice President & Chief Operations Officer of the TransLatin@ Coalition, the largest Trans-lead organization in Los Angeles. As a 51-year-old Puerto Rican Latina woman who began her journey to self-discovery at age 19, Maria has become an outspoken voice, activist, and a role model to the Transgender community. Hornitos is honored to recognize Maria and TLC on their mission to advocate for the specific needs of the trans community through education, resources and empowerment. In recent years, TLC has hosted the G.A.R.R.A.S. Fashion Show (Groundbreaking Activism Redirecting and Reforming AllSystems) – an event that provides the opportunity for members of the Trans community to showcase themselves as high fashion models and leaders through community mobilization while participating to raise funds for the organization.

The grantees will be honored with an event in their respective cities this year, where each organization will receive a $10,000 grant to further their goals and commitment to the LGBTQ community. These grants are in addition to Hornitos’ initial donation of $135,000 to support GLAAD and its mission of giving the doers, creators and innovators the opportunity to take on issues and create meaningful change in the world.

“It has been our honor to partner with and learn from GLAAD over the course of the year, taking their guidance and connecting with changemaking individuals and organizations,” said Rashidi Hodari, Managing Director of Tequila at Beam Suntory. “Our first selected grantees – DaShawn, Julian and Maria – are a true manifestation of the Hornitos brand mission to provide inspiration and create opportunities that propel people to “take shots” of their own, no matter how big or small. We are proud to amplify their incredible work.”


For those who are interested in donating to the cause or learning more about how to get involved, please visit


About Hornitos® Tequila

Hornitos® Tequila has a history of breaking tradition dating back to 1950 when founder Don Francisco launched the brand in honor of Mexican Independence Day. The Hornitos family of tequilas keeps Don Francisco’s legacy alive, using the same high standards to cultivate the best and most flavorful agaves, molding them into premium tequilas that everyone can enjoy. Hornitos inspires its fans to adopt the same boundary-pushing mindset through its “A Shot Worth Taking” campaign that highlights the extraordinary things that can happen when people are willing to take a chance. Since the inception of “A Shot Worth Taking” in 2017, Hornitos has empowered fans to take their shot and provided funds and opportunities to make their aspirations achievable.

To learn more about Hornitos Tequila and its tradition breaking brand history, visit or follow along with Hornitos Tequila on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.



GLAAD rewrites the script for LGBTQ acceptance. As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change. GLAAD protects all that has been accomplished and creates a world where everyone can live the life they love. For more information, please visit or connect with GLAAD on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about GLAAD and its steadfast mission to advocate for the LGBTQ community, visit or follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

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Best Multi-Family Investment Management Firm – Southern USA

Investment Management

REEP is an expert in all things property equity. With outstanding process development, methodologies, and attitudes towards investments that create actionable plans that keep the clients’ wishes at the very forefront of the proceedings, REEP works hard to be the best of the best. Having set itself apart from its peers with its consistent and well managed involvement in the entire equity process from beginning to end, its service of the Lone Star State has earned it accreditation as firm that is effective, dependable, and client focused.

As a vertically integrated, multifamily, and highly trusted investments company operating out of San Antonio, Texas, REEP has made a name for itself with its outstanding customer service and exceptional results. Moreover, REEP – Real Estate Equity Partners – has been developing this reputation since 2012 by gaining the favour of its market segment one happy customer at a time, serving them with the acquisition of under-performing, income-producing, multifamily investment opportunities in Texas. This having been achieved, REEP then goes on to work together with its sister company REEP management to purchase, manage, and improve the relevant assets held therein, providing benefits to investors and tenants both.

In 2021, REEP rung in the year with the buying, selling, and management of over 4,200 units, taking 8 properties to full cycle. Thus, does an exemplary job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to displaying its incredible acumen in property equity, inviting clients to simply look through the evidence of its past work in order to see what about it has endeared it so to its industry. Its portfolio now consists of over 2,575 units, cumulatively worth over $350 million and benefitting from REEP’s rapid growth in terms of both scale and success, having been named one of San Antonio’s fastest growing companies for the past three consecutive years.

Nominally, with a goal of allowing clients to reap what they sow – mirrored by the name of the company being REEP – this business has been able to make partners of its clients. This partnership results in strong client-business bond, and is emboldened by vertical integration, allowing the equity team to vet each investment for its individual challenges and opportunities before putting together an action plan with the management team. Thus, it has become the exemplary firm it is today by keeping a level head on its shoulders and working with actionable goals in mind, producing business plans that are effective and well communicated, ready to execute from the first day of ownership.

Whether a client is at the stage of working with its equity team, asset management team, or property management teams, each section of this company works together to create perfect synergy, resulting in comprehensive property strategies and day 1 improvements, getting involved throughout the entire process to enable holistic results. This, in short, is what sets it apart from its peers. Involving itself in every stage makes it the perfect answer to strong, thriving markets with underperforming apartment communities, and being based in Texas, it is proud to say that this has been tailored with the Lone Star State in mind; proud to serve the region’s thriving economy, population boom, and job market growth, it finds strong metrics in Texas year after year. Excited to help many more clients in the future to benefit from such metrics, its record portfolio and employee growth is forecasted to continue long into the future, and it looks forward an Anniversary celebration rebrand from REEP Equity and Management respectively to a combined REEP residential moniker.

For further information, please visit

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