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As an outstanding cornerstone of the international construction community, International Cooling Tower Incorporated has made a name for itself with incredible cooling solutions that can be applied across a myriad of different industries. Able to handle the intensity of oil and gas cooling, as well as renewable energy plant cooling and more, its cooling towers promise to be delivered on time and on budget in order to allow clients to go about serving their own clients and end-customers with confidence, knowing that they have invested in the best solution on the market.

International Cooling Tower Inc. is the place for innovations in the engineering and production of exemplary industrial cooling projects. Fundamentally, their engineering, procurement, and construction services have been serving the industry for years, cementing their place at the top of the sector for high-budget and high-intensity industrial cooling since 1958. A North American market leader, standout company in the field of freshly created solutions, and producer of aftermarket towers of all shapes and sizes, they have committed themselves to being a one-stop-shop for industrial process, chemical, oil, gas, renewables, and power facility elements.

They have also achieved this in a worldwide sense. Since its inception, their exemplary work and work ethic has secured their notoriety in their market segments, increasing their good reputation amongst their peers and customers, both prospective and current, to form a large contact network. Additionally, with the materials, parts, and equipment at their disposal at any given time, their dedicated and diligent team and longstanding relationships with vendors allows them to be on time, every time. No matter how tight the deadlines are for a specific project or build, International Cooling Tower Inc. promises they will go above and beyond to help a client meet them; this, aided massively by their logistical partnerships and connections, has developed a penchant for reliability that has allowed them to enjoy continual growth.

Furthermore, their team are another outstanding element of their business operations – from their building experts to their administration team – each offering the height of integrity, equality, and respect when it comes to the customer service they provide. In this way, their staff are invigorated by challenge and undaunted by roadblocks. However, even with all this being said, roadblocks are very rarely an issue due to International Cooling Tower Inc.’s brilliant project management acumen, allowing it them track and schedule processes on time every time, as well as to deliver their projects within the budget that has been given to them by the client.

In addition, their quality management, construction procedures, and 3rd party certifications show how they ensure they perform their work correctly the first time, every time. This ability to take care of their clients and the projects brought to them have further secured the reputation that International Cooling Tower Inc. has been building since its inception, making for a company that clients are happy to come back to using time and time again. These clients also go on to leave them glowing reviews, recommending their services to industry peers through word-of-mouth referrals, is something they wish to thank each and every one of them for, as it continues to provide the best cooling tower services in 2022 and beyond.


For business inquiries, contact Jeff Colliou McKay at International Cooling Tower Inc. via

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