5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe Year Round

If your business is operational, your business is vulnerable. Any amount of money or data, no matter how small, is potentially tempting to thieves. Having assets stolen or damaged can hurt not just you, but your clientele, and the threats to your company have grown exponentially since the advent of the internet. A large portion of business is conducted online nowadays, and anything on the internet can be challenging to secure. You need to keep your internet security in mind along with the more traditional concerns.

It’s safe to say that safety should be a top concern, so here are five tips to help keep your business safe.

1. Identify Risks

The first step in creating a more secure business is learning where you could be more guarded. It won’t hurt to research the most common ways companies like yours get hit. If you’ve had security breaches in the past, consider them. How did they happen? How could you prevent them from happening again? To run your business securely, you have to know where the points of vulnerability lie.

This rule applies to both online and physical business. For a physical building, risks could include repeated crimes in the area. Online threats can consist of things such as data breaches. With both, it’s crucial to know what the risks are so that you can tackle them appropriately.

2. Keep Employees Informed

Discuss security issues with all of your employees. Your staff can be a helpful resource in addressing security threats, but only if they’re well-informed. Hold company meetings to go over your safety policies. If you need to make changes, ensure that everyone knows about them. Comprehensive security training can change an employee from a liability to an asset.

3. Hire Carefully

While we’re on the subject of staff, remember that it’s a good idea to vet individuals thoroughly before hiring them. You could run background checks on new hires or even do something as simple as contacting their references. Just make sure you can confidently trust who you’re bringing onto your team.

4. Be Mindful of the Holidays

You should keep security in mind always, but you may want to pay special attention to certain parts of the year. The time you spend closed for the holidays may be prime time for thieves to make their move. With that in mind, you might find it helpful to adjust your security measures around the holidays. You wouldn’t want to spoil your time off by leaving your business at risk.

5. Seek Outside Help

Keeping your business safe can seem overwhelming. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking it looks like too much for you to handle alone. In 2017, 27% of small businesses reported that a lack of expertise hindered their cybersecurity efforts. You can’t expect to be an expert on both your business and security measures, so you should turn to a security company.

Once again, this concern addresses both physical and online businesses. Plenty of firms are dedicated to cybersecurity, and you can easily hire one of them to protect your digital assets. Similarly, an abundance of security companies exists that will help ensure that your building and everything in it is safe.


There is no single thing you can do to ensure a completely safe business. It will help to follow all the steps listed here, but you shouldn’t follow them only once. Threats to your company change and evolve. Your strategy to handle them should evolve too.

Like everything else in running your business, security strategies should be continually readdressed and reviewed. People searching to take advantage of weak points in your company work tirelessly. To keep up, you have to work just as hard.