Online and mobile dating has been a global phenomenon for many years, but the market is currently flourishing in Latin America, as Staff Writer Hannah Stevenson explores.

Thanks to a combination of increased connectivity and the increased focus of dating app and website providers in the region Latin America is seeing an increase in the use of dating technology.

Liftoff’s Blog recently published information on the growth of dating apps around the world, which found that Latin America features the highest subscription rate of 10.97% compared to all other regions. The study examined over 53 billion dating app ad impressions across more than 15 million app installs and 11 million post-install events (subscriptions and in-app purchases) over the entirety of 2018. Mobile users in LATAM subscribed and made in-app purchases in dating apps at a much higher rate than mobile users, showing their willingness to not only use these services but to spend money on them.

This was proven even further when, earlier this year the exclusive dating app Inner Circle announced its official launch in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. More than 40,000 residents in Sao Paulo have registered on the app, allowing The Inner Circle to reach 1.6 million members.

CEO and founder, David Vermeulen comments on the company’s milestone growth and its move into the region.

“With 10,000 prospective members from Rio de Janeiro on the waiting list, and 6,000 approved members already active on the app, we believe the city is getting tired from aimless swiping. It is ready for a quality dating experience. We’re very excited to bring a more personal and refined service to South America, where mutual interests, commitment, and respect will prevail.”

The introduction of a premium dating app into the region shows that the market is clearly flourishing as users seek more options and are clearly increasingly willing to spend money on dating apps and sites. Since its inception in 2012 the app has grown globally, and now boasts over 1.6 million members. Unique to the market, the Inner Circle is the app that offers a finer dating experience with inspiring individuals around the world. With a screening process in place, members can be assured that they will be connecting with like-minded, inspiring individuals who are on the same page in life.

Ultimately, these developments showcase the LATAM region’s increased focus on lifestyle apps such as dating apps and their willingness to pay for them. This insight will no doubt drive even greater investment in the region’s lifestyle and dating technology market throughout 2019. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest market developments make sure you Subscribe to stay ahead of the game.