Corp America January 2017

Welcome to the January edition issue of Corp America Magazine, showcasing the most innovative and successful dealmakers, game changers and decision makers in the U.S business market.

We speak to Healthcare CEO of the Year, Frank L. Beaman who tells us all about how the Faith Community Hospital serves the Jacksboro, Texas area with its state of the art healthcare solutions. Frank has helped to transform the hospital into the high quality healthcare centre it is today.

Corporate America also chats to Adriana Quevedo, Executive Director of Recruitment at Intel Corporation. She discusses how Intel engages with clients and explains the challenges that she and the company have encountered in the recruitment industry.

In addition to this, we spoke to Richard Tyler, best-selling author and the world’s top sales and management expert, who gave us his secrets to successful business strategies in 2017.

Finally, we wrap up the latest news from the corporate world.

Matt Lewis, Editor

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