Miro Consulting Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary With Record Breaking Growth


 Miro Consulting, the world’s leading software license management expert, is celebrating its 15-year anniversary with record breaking growth in revenue and headcount.

“Miro Consulting had an impressive revenue surge in Fiscal 2016, with a record breaking number of new clients. Through our consulting services, our clients were able to save over $100 million dollars this year alone. This success is a testament to our dedicated and talented employees who work as trusted partners with our clients. We are looking forward to Fiscal 2017 where we can further broaden our success while maintaining and improving the prudent advice our clients depend on,” said Eliot Colon, Miro SVP.

With Fiscal 2016 over, Miro is reporting a 50% increase in revenue over last year, and a 25% growth in personnel.  In addition, Miro has clients worldwide in all six continents and has recently expanded into the southern California region, with plans to continue growing nationwide.  Miro’s growth isn’t limited to the physical world either, as it has recently worked to transition a major international pharmaceutical company to the cloud, showing its expertise in off premise capabilities.  

“Preparing to enter into a very large software negotiation with Oracle is a significant undertaking. You have to be fully prepared and be sure you’ve explored all the angles. And having teamed with Miro, I was able to conduct negotiations with the confidence of a highly informed buyer, and having that peace of mind was key to striking the best agreement with Oracle,” said David Michael, Chief Information Officer, PR Newswire.

Miro Consulting specializes in Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle in software audit defense, contract negotiation and license optimization and management. Since it was founded, Miro has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to optimize their total cost of ownership and has overseen over $1.5 billion in licensing transactions.

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