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ethosIQ is a business analytics software platform focused on the customer support efforts of large multimedia contact centers, which are operated by virtually every Fortune 1000 company. The company’s solution portfolio includes unique “cradle to grave” customer journey data capturing and reporting capabilities: all attributable to the company’s unique source-agnostic Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

Since 2000, businesses spanning multiple industries and from around the world have trusted ethosIQ to help them reduce call center costs and increase revenue streams while improving their overall customer experience.

Founded by CEO Scott Walker, the firm has gone from a garage side project to a global organization in less than five years. This vast success can partially be attributed to Scott’s skill at problem solving, as his ability to see opportunities, overcome barriers and develop solutions to both client-specific and industry-wide challenges has propelled him to where he is today, the CEO of one of the most respected brands in the contact center industry.

ethosIQ combines strong customer engagement products and services with market-leading software products to provide end-to-end solutions. The firm carefully choose their partners to ensure seamless integration, robust functionality and exceptional cost of ownership.

In addition the firm excels at addressing customers’ needs by listening, evaluating and then providing recommendations. By doing so, their team enables companies to turn their call center operations into heroic centers of excellence by optimizing their systems and providing strategic roadmaps for attaining a next generation contact center solution.

ethosIQ software is deployed in numerous countries around the world, leveraging experience with a variety of cultures and technical environments and helping the firm to grow and expand. The firm’s approach is collaborative, and they work with a variety of industry partners including Nice, Ayaya and Verint.

The firm’s customer focused approach is highlighted by its vision: “to help businesses of any size deliver the best possible customer experience.”

Prominent features of the firm’s software offerings include a data collection application that is capable of connecting to a virtually unlimited number of sources. The architecture is designed to allow multiple connections to multiple systems, regardless of manufacturer. A perfect solution for enabling compliance management, fraud detection and preference management.

Single agent ID is also incorporated into the firm’s software offering, with its data collection designed to connect multiple manufactures with products and the associated Agent IDs, transforming the application into a single customized identifier. This feature is typically used by third-party products, such as NICE, a Workforce Management (WFM) provider, reducing the cost of multiple inputs like ACD IDs. 

The firm also offers data correlation, as the firm’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) collects data and creates a unique capability across multiple channels to include voice calls, coupled with kiosk, retail point of sales, handheld devices, web sites, email, chat, and SMS.

Alongside this CEP also collects multichannel interaction and application data – from vendors like Cisco, Avaya, NICE and Aspect – across multiple systems, providing a single, complete data source for ethosAnalytics to access and display information in useful ways.

Real time output is another vital feature, as third-party vendors are not required to make any programing or source code changes. Therefore ethosIQ performs all of the heavy lifting while adhering to the manufacturer’s preferred format. This allows the customer to save time on deployment, and also provides huge cost savings and reductions in the deployment and day-two support.

Big Data analysis is also catered for, and ethosiq offer ethosAnalytics, which helps clients to leverage Big Data for better analysis and insights into your customer retention and customer churn. ethosAnalytics can help pre-empt the potential loss of a customer by enabling clients to automate searches for buried details and trends.

The product also allows clients to assess insights impacting customer experience through personalized, interactive, management-level dashboards which enhance the visibility of organizational strategy and align actions around key performance indicators (KPIs) for quick, accurate and more effective decision making.

Through location intelligent mapping the product also gives access to integrated location data and shows trends related to business locations or customer clusters. Spatial and regular data are merged in a wide variety of mapping formats with geographical information systems (GIS) and Web Map Services (WMS)

Another key product is ethoSphere, a simplified, flexible and easy to manage infrastructure through a diverse ecosystem of the MPLS network. This network integrates more than 1,000 of the best-performing local, regional and global providers, giving greater flexibility, greater resiliency, and greater geographic reach, than any other traditional network provider.

The ethoSphere network can withstand everything from the smallest performance issue to a major infrastructure outage, including complete carrier network failures.

It also offers predictive analysis, as more than 95% of potential enterprise network and security issues can be diagnosed before they impact network health. Therefore the ethoSphere service quickly responds to and re-mediates issues, or avoids them altogether, helping organizations achieve a 5x reduction in network downtime.

ethoSphere also provides a single point of contact for expert IT infrastructure design implementation and continuous, proactive monitoring and management worldwide. The online customer portal offers a real-time view and control of the organization’s service for order entry, delivery, service management, tracking, reporting and billing.

The firm’s service offerings also extend to fraud prevention, including supporting global compliance and offering a license resource manager which monitors actual usage for concurrent, named and enabled licensing models in 15-minute intervals for all Genesys licenses. This information is compared to a customer’s existing license file and commercial terms to alert the Genesys system administrator of potential high water marks and compliance issues.

Alongside this the License Resource Manager monitors and archives usage data for all Genesys licensed products. This historical data can reported on in 15-minute increments. Reports also provide awareness of potential high water marks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This historical information can be used to help with license compliance as well as to provide insights into historical trends.

The firm’s omnichannel customer experience operates across SMS, email and chat, allowing clients to track, manage and respond to customer inquiries with the same service.

Ultimately the firm is dedicated to providing the best quality solutions that meet every client’s individual needs, and moving forward the company will continue to innovate and expand their service offerings in order to keep up with the demands of the ever changing contact center industry.

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Company: ethosIQ

Address: 17121 West Rd #201, Houston, TX 77095, United States

Phone:+1 281-616-5711





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